The title of Don Jr’s new book is “Triggered” and right now, that name couldn’t be more fitting.

Jr’s book just DEBUTED #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

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President Trump’s eldest son has been traveling around promoting his book. At a recent book event in Las Vegas, the line to see Don Jr. looked more like a Trump rally.

Watch the video below:

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Liberals, who hate Don Jr. were hoping that the book was a bomb. However, all those hopes were dashed when it debuted at #1.

What I noticed as I went through the comments, is that liberals genuinely don’t think Trump (or his family) have any “real” support. They really do believe that Russians planted Trump in office and all of the “support” you see is a grand illusion.

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Most of these people believe that Trump used his billions to buy all the book copies so that his son wouldn’t “fail.”
It’s really quite alarming that our fellow Americans think this stupidly.

Anyway, these people are going to be absolutely devastated beyond belief when Trump wins a second term.

Once again, they won’t see it coming.

Liberals were absolutely “triggered” over the news and they took to Twitter to cope with their anger at being foiled again!

“If my dad / his campaign bought enough of my book to drive up sales numbers req’d for #1, I’d be topping Bestseller List. Guess they’ll be selling or giving these away on trump’s website or maybe at rallies. Wonder if DJTJ will sign them?”

“How much did daddy’s campaign spend to buy his book to get it on the NYT list?”

“Somewhere in NJ there is a garbage dump with a massive mountain of copies of this book that some Trump minion has quietly purchased and disposed of.”

“Reminder that a Russian copper company bought 70,000 copies.”

“How many copies of Junior’s book were purchased by the Trump Re-Election Campaign and RNC to give away to supporters?”

“Didn’t I read somewhere Trump was using campaign money to buy them in bulk?”

“Just guessing… trump probably bought out the first printing (using taxpayer dollars?) and extorted every gop in congress and nra to do the same. Because no way does his base read. They wait til Hannity regurgitates pablum for them.”

“I think his father had people invest tons of money to buy the book to greatly inflate the numbers. Seems like a very Trump thing to do.”


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