Recently we discovered that ABC News canceled a Jeffrey Epstein bombshell story that reportedly offered actual evidence (video, witness testimony, and photos) implicating the Royal family and former President Bill Clinton in the convicted pedophile’s web of crimes against children.

Here’s the video of ABC host Amy Robach, speaking on a “hot mic” about the Epstein pice that was quashed.

After the story broke about ABC News killing the piece, people were quick to point out that Disney owns ABC.

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Suddenly ‘Whistleblowers’ Don’t Matter: Opinion: Media Says ‘Whistleblowers’ Are Protected… So Why is ABC Feverishly Hunting Down the Person Who Revealed Epstein Story?

Internet sleuths have also done some digging and discovered that Disney Cruise lines used offered excursion trips to Espestein’s island officially called “Little St. James,” but known locally as “Pedophile Island.”

From Wikipedia:

Jeffrey Epstein
Little Saint James is a private island of the United States Virgin Islands, off the coast of St. Thomas and belongs to subdistrict East End, Saint Thomas. The island, owned by American financier and convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein from 1998 until his 2019 death

Now that we know ABC did all they could do stop the Epstein story and that ABC is owned by Disney, it’s even more disturbing that they’d take a cruise ship full of children to a place owned by a convicted pedophile, and locally called “pedophile island.”

A Twitter thread written by Tyler Worley, a political commentator from “Trending Politics” explains it all.

Note: Food and drinks were provided, along with snorkeling equipment and lessons. Snorkeling locations were entered from the boat. Guests were encouraged to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, additional clothing, hats, cameras, and backpacks.

“Now what if I told you Disney’s “Magical Kingdoms” cruise made a stop at the island for snorkeling? This is a children’s company taking children to a pedophiles island…”

“10) This is where things get even more disturbing Michael Laney, the former VP of Walt Disney was just sentenced in a child sex abuse investigation”

“11) This is a picture of Bill Clinton with his buddies at Epstein’s island (Note how George Nader was just arrested on child porn charges)”

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