The Dems are really pulling out all the stops to try and make this impeachment hearing appear meaningful and important. So far it’s fallen flat, so yesterday Rep. Denny Heck of Washington decided to try and get things rolling by CRYING during former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony.

That’s right…a grown man is crying because some lady he doesn’t know was transferred from one high-paying job to another high-paying job.

You can’t make this stuff up! 

Rep. Heck used his time to fawn over the transferred ambassador and choked up and started crying while condemning President Trump for being “too hard” on the fake whistleblower, Sen. John McCain, and the Gold Star Khan family.

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“Words matter,” Heck said as Yovanovitch sat there, silent (probably feeling awkward).  He then really solidified Marie’s phony “victim status” by declaring, “and the words leveled against you constitute bullying of the worst order.”

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Heck ended his blubber-fest by thanking the Trump appointee for her service to the country.

It’s fair to note that John McCain is a traitor, Mr. Khan was used as a political weapon, the CIA official is not a “whistleblower.” and this woman needs to go to HR and complain if she can’t handle being transferred from one high-paying job to the next.

Politicians need to stop showboating like this. It’s embarrassing. It looks so fake and so staged. The American people can see right through this nonsense.

You can watch the video below;

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