A few weeks ago, two young women were doing late-night shopping at a San Angelo Walmart when they claim they were approached by strangers who they believe might have been part of a sex-trafficking scheme.

According to 740 KTRH, the girls told a local television station how a couple approached them inside the store at about 10:30 or 11 p.m. and invited them to a Bible study. They described the couple as pushing an empty shopping basket around the store. When the couple broke out a discussion, one of the girls Googled information and “… the first article that came up said ‘Korean sex trafficking college campuses.'”

That led the girls to locate a manager on duty and call out the couple for possible sex-trafficking. The male part of the couple claimed they were only trying to share the message about the “Good Lord Jesus.”

In the story below, a Texas couple who seem to know the story walked up on a trio of individuals surrounding a customer and begin to ask questions. By watching the video below, you will notice that the trio of individuals didn’t have anything in their WalMart baskets, just like the earlier story, and they also claimed they were spreading the good word of Jesus too, same as the previous story.

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I researched a little because I felt sorry for the man in the sweater. He looked genuine, but that could be the hook. What I found was the story about the two young girls and much more.

It seems for months, groups of two or three have walked up on unsuspecting females in Wegmans or Walmart shopping stores and decided to share the goodness of Christ or inviting the customer to bible study to learn about “God The Mother.”

The name of their organization is called the World Mission Society Church of God. If members are interviewed, they will contend they are devoted to sharing their faith over everything. It seems innocent enough, yes?

The World Mission Society Church of God was founded in South Korea in the 1960s. Members believe that Jesus Christ returned to Earth in the form of Christ Ahn Sahng-hong, a Korean man, and God the Mother Jang Gil-ja, a still-living Korean woman. Though its Millersport Highway congregation has just 50 members, the religious movement claims more than 7,000 churches and 1 million members around the globe.

I can empathize with store customers placed in situations where they are surrounded and fed unwarranted information. I grew up in the age where most people hide in their house when they see spiritual missionaries at their door, but that wasn’t the case in the video above.

I can’t tell you that those people were sex-traffickers or part of a ring, but the organization might need to rethink their strategy of winning souls because their current one is burned.

As shoppers are learning about the organization and the way they approach customers, you can understand why many would feel frightened or bothered enough to alert the local officials and complain. It wouldn’t stop there in this generation of social media as some would record and upload it to social media.

Facebook has been the source of some of those rumors falsely claiming that an organized ring of human traffickers stalks and kidnaps women from big-box stores. I would say be careful just the same.


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