Our higher education system needs immediate revamping. We are pumping out some of the dumbest turds on the planet thanks to liberals who have ruined colleges with their warped and twisted progressive ideology.

Case in point – a video from “The College Fix” discovered that Thanksgiving is a trigger word for liberals at Macalester College…Ironically, it’s a private Christian college, in Minnesota.

Yes, that’s how bad higher education is…even the “Christian” colleges are doomed.

When the clueless liberals were asked if it’s okay to celebrate Thanksgiving, many of them said no and went into pointless progressive tirades about capitalism and white people.

“I think that Thanksgiving has been misconstrued a lot, especially in textbooks, and it’s kind of just based off of the genocide of indigenous people,” one student replied to the question. “And I don’t think we actually give thanks on Thanksgiving, we just eat a bunch of food and it’s just a bunch of capitalist bulls***.”

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“Well the whole thing is based off the murder of indigenous people,” one student said.

Another liberal dummy  said Thanksgiving is just one of the United States’ many “unethical holidays.” Asked what other holidays are “unethical,” the female student replied, “Columbus Day … Christmas break, it should be labeled as ‘winter break’ in general,” she said. “Most schools are celebrating it as Christmas break.”

One student agreed that celebrating Thanksgiving was bad – but not nearly as bad as celebrating Christmas or Easter.

You can watch the video below:

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