Not one NFL team has expressed interest in Colin Kaepernick after the debacle “workout” stunt that took place last week.

Kaepernick was invited by the NFL to practice in front of team scouts and management, but Kaepernick refused after the NFL wouldn’t allow his camera crew to film the workout. Instead, Kaepernick held his own “workout” about 60 miles down the road…you know, so he could get the “B-roll” footage.

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Most people agree that this was just a PR move by Kap.

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His friend and supporter Jay Z, who actually helped organize the “workout” was so disgusted by Colin’s actions that  he basically called Kaepernick a “stuntman.”

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Now, after the debacle and mess of the disastrous “workout stunt” Kaepernick has the audacity to release what he calls a “hype video” to get everyone excited about his return to football.


This is the PR attention he was after the entire time – a video that he could plug of himself playing football. The ego on this man is outrageous – and for what? He’s an unemployed, washed-up liberal activist…with a “hype video.” ?

Jay Z was right…this guy is all about the “theatrics.”

Colin Kaepernick released a hype video Monday, days after he worked out for a handful of NFL teams at an Atlanta-area high school in hopes of making a still elusive return to the league.

The video showed Kaepernick launching passes to receivers during his workout at Charles Drew High School. It also included a message to the media after his workout that he was ready to come back and compete again in the NFL.

His tweet thanked the receivers he threw to, his trainer and those aligned with the high school. RA Vision Media produced the video.

“A huge thank you to all the people that made this happen in ATL. From our receivers @brice_butler, @BruceElling10, @TheJordanVeasy, @ariwerts – my trainer Josh Hidalgo, the educators at Charles Drew HS & so many more. Can’t thank everyone enough. We stay ready.”

There have been conflicting reports on whether NFL teams are actually interested in the quarterback after his midseason workout. ESPN reported Sunday that no teams have reached out to Kaepernick to work him out further, while his attorney appeared on Adam Carolla’s podcast last week and said at least two teams were interested. The attorney didn’t specify which teams may be interested.

Kaepernick’s workout drew a ton of controversy. He and his team took issue with an injury waiver the NFL wanted the free-agent quarterback to sign. After a back-and-forth, Kaepernick and his team decided to change the workout location from the Atlanta Falcons’ training facility to the high school about 60 miles away. [Fox News]


You can watch the video below:


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