CNN Can’t catch a break.

Every time they leave their little anti-Trump kook bubbles of D.C. and New York and speak to normal everyday Americans they get the same negative message about impeachment.

“Unfair, witch-hunt, waste of time and money, Democrats are desperate.”

That’s the standard type of messaging we hear over and over again from frustrated Americans.

Yet, if you listen to the bulk of their news reports you’d think the entire country was waiting at the White House front door, ready to drag Trump out by the scruff of his neck.

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It’s absurd how completely out of touch our elite media truly is, and that’s another reason why they’re reporting is so tainted and phony. They just have no interest in what’s truly happening beyond their own bubbles.

Case in point – CNN interviewed an African American man who was attending an Alabama football game with his friend. When asked about impeachment, and if it was “fair,” the man replied “No.” and went on to say that President Trump is just trying to help the country and he’s getting all this back and forth. He also points out that no president is perfect.

Another woman interviewed said she thought it was ridiculous and unfair and she wishes Congress would focus on getting stuff done for the American people.

We all do…

You can watch the video below:

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