It’s official. Chris Wallace has taken over the role of the theatrical and emotional diva Shepard Smith.

Chris Wallace is now “reporting” on the news” as if it were an episode of Days of Our Lives.

During today’s impeachment hearing, former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified how hurt she was when President Trump fired her.

Uh, we’ve all lost a job lady, suck it up and get over it.

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Although truth be told he didn’t technically “fire” her. He “transferred” her.

Wallace, who hates President Trump, was once again giving his “opinion” when he should be reporting on the news. See, Wallace is supposed to be a “reporter,” and reporters are supposed to report facts, not editorialize and spin the situation to suit an agenda.

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Wallace does this opinionated garbage all the time and that’s why you can’t take anything he says seriously. He’s a partisan hack, disguised as a “neutral” reporter.

In an absolute brazen attempt to paint his agenda, Wallace said, “if you were not moved by the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, you don’t have a pulse.”

I guess I’m typing this from the “other side” then because I was not the least bit “moved.”

He goes on to say, “This is a woman who has served in seven posts of presidents for both parties for more than 30 years, hardship posts, places like Somalia. She was at an event at the U.S. Embassy to honor an anti-corruption fighter who was later killed because acid was thrown in that woman’s face, and she’s being told by the secretary-general at the State Department, you’re going to have to leave, and you’re going to have to leave on the next plane. We’re worried about your security.”

Yes, this is what happens when a new president takes over. People lose their jobs. The same thing happens when companies merge. It’s called the “real world.”

You can watch the video below:

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