Besides having delicious chicken sandwiches, the reason conservatives loved and supported Chick-fil-A was that they stood up for their Christian principles. They never caved, no matter how much pressure they were under.

However now, that’s all changed.

The fast-food giant announced that they will no longer give money to Christian charities after LGBTQ backlash.

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Chick-fil-A said Monday that it has stopped donations to several Christian organizations after receiving backlash from LGBT rights activists over the last several weeks.

The U.S. fast food chain said that as it expands, it will no longer donate to the Salvation Army, the Paul Anderson Youth Home, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which opposes same-sex marriage. The company’s charity, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, has donated millions of dollars to the two organizations.

“We made multi-year commitments to both organizations and we fulfilled those obligations in 2018,” a representative for Chick-fil-A said, saying the chain will now focus its charitable donations on “education, homelessness and hunger.”

The franchise, famous for closing on Sunday, plans to donate a total of close to $9 million to charity include a $25,000 to a local food bank for each new restaurant the company opens. [National Review]

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Needless to say, conservative Christians were outraged. Why is it always our side that caves? Have you ever seen an LGBTQ organization or a progressive business cave to conservatives? No, not unless their revenue sinks so badly they can no longer operate.

Countless conservatives took to Twitter to express their disgust at Chick-fil-A’s for caving to the left.

Really @ChickfilA? This is the direction you want to go? You’ve garnered the unconditional support of millions not in spite of but BECAUSE OF your stances, which is the sole reason you’re successful. Idiocy. Bye!

Dear #ChickFilA, what a stupid move. Total nonsense.”

As #ChickFilA drops Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, it is focusing on a few organizations one of which—Covenant House—puts LGBT front and center in its mission. What do you think of Chick-Fil-A’s olive branch to LGBT?”

And now #ChickFilA be prepared. When you bend a knee to the outrage mob they only ask for more and more and more. You sold your soul.”

[email protected] news is bewildering I had to look it up on several sources. Christians fought for the company against wave after wave of criticism. The Salvation Army helps everyone. I never thought it was political. Then again I never thought a chicken sandwich could be political”

“The worst part of Chick-fil-A caving to the rage mob… it empowers & emboldens the rage mob. Now the rage mob knows their bullying works, so they’ll bully other Christian business owners. And those not as powerful as Chick-fil-A could be forced to close.”

“The difference between the backlash against Chick fil A today and the previous backlash is that today Chick fil A pissed off their actual customers. Not a smart trade off, business-wise.”

“What’s so sad about Chick-fil-A’s decision is that it kicks aside the issue of Religious Liberty for all, and aids and abets the unconscionable casting of those with a biblical view of sexuality as cultural villains. Who in their organization somehow thought this was a good idea?”


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