The fine Christian folks over at have put together a video that completely explains the deception and betrayal that Chick-fil-A has imposed on their loyal Christian customers.

If you still think Chick=fil-=A is a trustworthy “Christan” company, you need to watch this video sp you know and understand where your money is going when you spend it at their restaurants.

According to Lifesite Chick-fil-A has betrayed its Christian customers and emboldened the LGBT mob. If you’re still defending them, you need to watch this video.

Back in 2012, Chick-fil-A enraged the LGBT mob when CEO Dan Cathy affirmed the Biblical view of marriage. And in that process, Chick-fil-A became an icon for Christian conservatives who flocked to the restaurant in droves.

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With the support of its Christian base, Chick-fil-A’s sales have more than doubled since 2012.

However,  after years and years of relentless attacks from the Alphabet mob, Chick-fil-A finally caved.

Some Christians believe Chick-fil-A didn’t cave to the left. Maybe they don’t want to believe it, maybe they don’t have all the facts. Either way, those people need to watch this video and read this article so they can either forget Chick=fil-A and walkway or hold them accountable for capitulating and force them to reverse course.

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Watch the video:


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