When will liberals learn that we don’t want to be lectured about progressive garbage and social justice issues in our movies, TV, songs, books, and sports?

These blue-haired progressives are all excited about 167 genders, transhumans, and woke girl power but the rest of us couldn’t care less and we’re not spending our hard-earned money to be lectured about it by a bunch of smug, out-of-touch rich jerks who have zero in common with working-class Americans.

I feel as if we’ve been sending this message loud and clear to companies and Hollywood. We don’t buy products catering to “woke culture” (Gillette, Sports Illustrated etc.) and we don’t watch movies that push the progressive agenda – especially twisted and failed “feminism.”

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But they keep ignoring us and continue making these terrible movies and products pushing progressiveness and they keep flopping.

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Case in point -the new woke/feminist “Charlie’s Angels” movie was expected to make $35 million in its opening week…it actually made $8 million. The theme if the movie was “girl power” and “believe women.”

Good lord, enough.

In terms of numbers, I don’t think you can bomb much harder than that nowadays.


The “woke” Charlie’s Angels film from director Elizabeth Banks and starring Kristen Stewart has utterly bombed at the box office in its opening weekend.

Box Office Pro had previously predicted the film would bring in between $25 and $35 million in its opening weekend citing Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott as positives as well as “the demand for more high profile / tentpole films led by empowering female characters.”

The Numbers reports the film only made $8.6 million in its opening weekend.

It’s more than likely Charlie’s Angels will lose money as Deadline reports, “Sony says the feature cost a net of $48M with co-financing from Perfect World and 2.0 Entertainment.” However they note, “We’ve heard net is in the mid-$50Ms.”

Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels is the worst opening in the Charlie’s Angels franchise. The original Charlie’s Angels film had an opening weekend of $40.1 million while Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle opened to $37.6 million.

On Metacritic the film fares much worse. The critics’ Metascore is at 51, while the User Score is at 4.1 with 45 negative reviews, 29 positive, and 5 mixed. [BoundingIntoComics]


Again, Americans are sending the message loud and clear – it’s up to these liberals to decide if they want to listen and start making money again or keep pushing this failed nonsense and lose money and respect.

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