What the hell is wrong with the left?

Our amazing FLOTUS has dedicated her life to helping children, and these hateful and deranged people still boycott and protest her.

And this time it’s not some run of the mill unhinged liberals…these are actual medical professionals from Boston Medical center who are standing outside with their signs, all pissed off…over what? What has Melania done?

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Oh, that’s right, she married the president…”guilty,” let’s destroy her!!!!

Melania is making the trip to the hospital in order to be part of a program that offers “cuddles” to newborn babies who are born addicted to drugs.

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Here’s a little about the program:

What is a Cuddler?
A Cuddler volunteer is a trained adult who is able to:

Hold the baby under the supervision of medical staff
Talk to the baby in soothing and stimulating tones and words
Sing to the baby in rhymes and favorite lullabies
Console the baby with positive touch and sensitive comfort
Cuddler benefits
Babies who are cuddled often demonstrate greater growth, physiologic stability and have shorter hospital stays than babies who have not been cuddled.

Research shows that cuddling:

Is vital to a child’s emotional well being
Helps babies maintain developmental and social milestones, such as self-esteem development, increased learning ability and greater self-esteem

I mean, what kind of vile monster do you have to be to protest someone who is promoting that cause? And furthermore, what kind of self-centered jerk are you, that you’re taking attention away from sick babies in order to throw a hissy fit?

Truly disgusting.

You can watch the video below:

Needless to say, sane people were outraged.

“Protesting the First Lady for visiting the cuddle program. Wow. Just wow.”

“How embarrassing for Boston Medical Center.”

“Imagine the impact these “medical professionals” could have if they expended this energy toward supporting the cuddle program instead.”

“How embarrassing… for them.”

“Sad to see adults behave like this on a day about kids in need”

“Let’s protest helping babies born on drugs, unbelievable…”

Friggin disgusting. Here’s our beautiful @FLOTUS visiting Boston Medical center because she CARES about these poor, innocent babies born addicted to drugs, & these simpletons would chose to protest THAT. Pathetic. EMBARRASSING.”

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