When I hear about how bad we have it here in America, I look to some third-world countries and shake my head at what others go through and thank God I live in America.

This heinous act also reminds me of the freedoms and protections in this country and how we need to fight like hell to keep them intact. Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, France, Hong Kong, division in the U.K., conflict in other areas of the world. God, it’s madness across the globe.

I don’t know what is going on in that part of the world, but the fact is – if you take advantage of people for a long time they snap in the end – slavery is alive and kicking all over the world, and there is a very fine line between savagery and civilization.

[Video] Ocasio-Cortez Supports Anti-Police ‘Punch A Cop’ Protests In Brooklyn

The mayor of a small town in Bolivia has become the latest victim of violence in the country that has seen violent street clashes intensifying over the country’s disputed election nearly three weeks ago.

Vinto Mayor Patricia Arce Guzman was confronted at the town hall by protesters, who then dragged her out barefoot through the streets of the town as windows at the city building were broken and her office was set on fire.

Guzman was then forced to kneel down as demonstrators cut her hair, doused her in red paint, and forced her to sign a resignation letter all while yelling “murderess, murderess,” according to the BBC.

Police eventually rescued the mayor and carried her away; she was pictured covered in red paint and dirt.

The clashes in Bolivia have continued to escalate this week, with police firing tear gas to push back stone-throwing demonstrators during clashes late Tuesday and early Wednesday as they attempted to march on the presidential palace. [Fox News]

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Polish Lawmaker: Soros ‘Wants to Rule the World’ as ‘Master of Puppets’

They have a right to be angry about the deaths of the two protestors, but the way they’ve chosen to express it is not healthy or good for their democracy.

A socialist government that is failing its people and bringing their lives to ruin. Very sad to see. Another leader is growing rich off of his socialist ideas in government and refusing to give up his grip on power. Always scary.

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