Michael Bloomberg is NOT the only American signaling his dissatisfaction with the current crop of candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump. Millions of people are disappointed at the candidates on the left, but that doesn’t mean they are going to win anything.

Bloomberg is correct that the Dem field is weak. Former VP Joe Biden might have been able to beat Trump in 2016, but not now. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is too far left to garner the general public support needed to win a Presidential election. Sen. Bernie Sanders has a weak ticker and is also mean to sit in the Oval Office, trying to push his Scandinavian socialist agenda. Bloomberg could offer a credible alternative to those who do not like Trump, but his leftist New York views aren’t a national sell for victory.

Bloomberg has been kowtowing go China ever since China threatened to shut down his news bureaus in their country. Does he think he can negotiate a meaningful trade agreement with China if elected President? I seriously doubt it.

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Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is opening the door to a 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, warning that the current field of candidates is ill equipped to defeat President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg, who initially ruled out a 2020 run, has not made a final decision on whether to jump into the race. If he were to launch a campaign, it could dramatically reshape the Democratic contest less than three months before primary voting begins.

The 77-year-old has spent the past few weeks talking with prominent Democrats about the state of the 2020 field, expressing concerns about the steadiness of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign and the rise of liberal Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, according to people with knowledge of those discussions. In recent days, he took steps to keep his options open, including moving to get on the primary ballot in Alabama ahead of the state’s Friday filing deadline.

In a statement on Thursday, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said the former mayor believes Trump “represents an unprecedented threat to our nation” and must be defeated.

“But Mike is increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that,” Wolfson said.

Bloomberg’s moves come as the Democratic race enters a crucial phase. Biden’s front-runner status has been vigorously challenged by Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who are flush with cash from small-dollar donors. But both are viewed by some Democrats as too liberal to win in a general election faceoff with Trump. [Associated Press]

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Republicans don’t have anything to fear with a Bloomberg candidacy. As mayor, he took actions limiting how much and what was available for citizens to eat and advocated gun control. Bloomberg is a liberal-left Democrat dedicated to imposing regulations and restrictions on citizens because he believes the big government knows better than citizens what choices they are allowed to make.

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The bottom line is the potential entrance of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the 2020 presidential race marks perhaps the most significant sign yet of rising anxiety among prominent Democrats over the current candidate field.

What does Bloomberg think he’ll accomplish that Trump already hasn’t. Pretty tough going up against the best economy in decades, lowest unemployment, more people off food stamps, the highest homeownership in decades, the highest number of minorities working ever. Lower taxes, higher wages, safer borders, and so on and so on.

What is he going to do to improve America besides looting the American taxpayer to hand out freebies to moochers?


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