I can’t imagine why tyrannical billionaire Michael Blomberg or “Mike “as he’s now known ? bothered to enter the 2020 race. Obviously, it’s his gigantic ego at work because trust me, nobody wants a communist elite snob who gets off on imposing his totalitarian views on the lowly peasants as President of The United States.

Nobody – except maybe the Illuminati crowd.

This man is an absolute tyrant. But don’t take my word for it…take HIS words.

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A video from last year is making the rounds again. It shows the out-of-touch billionaire explaining how it’s good to tax the poor. That way they’ll stop buying stuff that’s bad for them like “sugary drinks.”

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Government Daddy Bloomberg says, “they say ‘taxes are regressive’ and in this case, yes they are – that’s what’s good about them. Because the problem is in people that don’t have a lot of money, and so higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior and how they deal with themselves.”

He goes on to say, “So I listen to people saying ‘Oh, we don’t want to tax the poor.” Well, we want the poor to live longer so that they can get an education and enjoy life,” he says incredulously as if baffled by the fact that not everyone agrees with his point of view. “And that’s why you do want to do exactly what a lot of people say you don’t want to do. The question is: ‘Do you want to pander to those people, or do you want to get them to live longer?’ And there’s just no question, if you raise taxes on full, sugary drinks, for example, they will drink less and there’s just no question that full sugar drinks are one of the major contributors to obesity, and obesity is one of the major contributors to heart disease and cancer and a variety of other things.”

But don’t worry, nobody will monitor what Government Daddy Bloomberg eats or drinks. That’s only for “dumb poor people” who need to be treated like stupid barnyard animals, according to this filthy-rich commie.

You can watch the video below:

Obviously, people had a great deal to say about Bloomberg’s comments.

“You raise taxes because there is some collective need. You don’t raise taxes to control behavior. Once they got away with it on cigarettes, they’ll keep going until they tax our breathing.”

“Poor people are too stupid to make healthy choices so we have to tax the shit out them. “- @MikeBloomberg


“Do these people actually think about what they are saying as it comes out? Apparently not. Remember, kids, those who see themselves as “elite” are not gods, and they sure ain’t our betters either.”

“The reason why Mike Bloomberg ran for mayor of NYC as a Republican, was to exploit Rudy Guiliani’s popularity as mayor. Mr. Bloomberg is a dangerous hypocrite: he’s an elitist who believes that the government has the power to eradicate “worthless” citizens via starvation.”

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