This article was written by Carlos Winston

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, I’m sure many will be looking for deals on the latest tech releases. A lot of new product has recently been introduced to the market.

This could make it challenging to find the deals that you want to go after — with that being said, I’ve taken some time to come up with a shortlist of exciting tech products with well-priced deals.


AirPods Pro

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The air pods line up has seen a lot of attention within the recent years and have been controversial for a few reasons. When they first released, buyers were hesitant due to the lack of corded support. Without something connecting the two earbuds, most people felt like they would get lost easily. Over time it seems like most people can keep pretty good track of them. With that being said, the air pods line up has been an enormous success, and Apple has added improved models to the series.

As of now, the Air Pods Pro is being sold for $235 on Amazon, which is pretty good, considering you won’t be seeing any prices drops anytime soon. [Click here for more]



2019 MacBook Air

Another Apple product to make this list is the MacBook Air 13in. For those who like to have more portable hardware, this laptop should be one to consider. This laptop doesn’t have a ton of computing power but is mainly for those who enjoy the Apple ecosystem and have a modest workload. The high res screen, impressive speakers, and small frame make for a pretty decent laptop, especially with a Black Friday price tag.

I have had my MacBook Air for about a week, and I love it. The screen is fantastic; the sound is excellent. I love how they added one-touch, and on a regular day on which I’m always online and using smaller programs like Powerpoint, I can go without a charger for around 10 hours. Honestly, it’s a great student laptop, yes it’s expensive even with it being slightly cheaper this year, but I know it will last. I went from a Macbook 2013 to this one, and although it’s a significant update, I never had trouble with my previous laptop, it worked for six years (and still does), so I think it’s well worth the investment.

I can’t go back to Windows after getting used to the convenience and design of Mac. [Click here for more]



Ember Temp Control Smart Mug

I enjoy seeing products that incorporate tech in slight but impactful ways. The Ember Temperature Mug is a cool way to keep your hot drinks as hot as you want them.

Ember’s battery life depends on several factors, but we can expect the battery to last about 2 hours on the go with a set temperature of 130°F (54.4°C). Battery life will vary depending on pour temperature, ambient temperature, and desired temperature.

A friend of mine told me about this temperature-controlled mug, and admittedly, I raised an eyebrow when I first heard of the concept. I didn’t see myself as the electric coffee cup person. I figured when your coffee/tea gets cold; it’s just time to throw it in the microwave. But, I decided to order one, and I’m now eating (or drinking?) my words, I am a creamer kind of person. It’s always a little sad when your refrigerated creamer makes your hot coffee pool temp. [Enter microwave.] You can very quickly warm your coffee up on the app, and it takes seconds. Even if you’re not a creamer person, not all of us have time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee before it gets cold. Problem solved. I’m a spaz and don’t sit still, which means my drinks do. When I come back to my tea/coffee, it’s hot and beautiful. I would recommend it! [Click here for more]




My first OLED and first LG after owning only Samsungs. If you are not one who notices subtle differences in picture quality or watch a lot of 4k HDR content, this TV is probably not for you. Save $2k and get something cheaper. But if you do watch those and you and want the best, this is it. HDMI 2.1 support for the future, the latest and greatest processor for a super-fast smart TV performance. Sling, Netflix, Amazon prime are so much snappier.

I’ve had zero issues with burn-in even after my son playing XBOX Minecraft and watching/listening to apps like Spotify (a screen saver will automatically turn on after a couple of minutes and static images on the screen). There is also a setting to turn off the display entirely, which I do when listening to music. After a few months of use, I have zero regrets and zero complaints about this TV. I wish it had a DisplayPort so I could truly test out the variable refresh on my gaming PC. My RTX 2080 card does not HDMI 2.1, so, therefore, no support for VRR. But it goes without being said; the picture quality is fantastic. This panel is consistently rated #1 for consumer TVs. [Click here for more]



Dell XPS 15 7590

Dell’s line up of XPS computers is often referred to as alternatives to the MacBook Pro. They are very lightweight but powerful laptops that come equipped with graphics cards and sharp displays. This year you can save $100 on the entire line up starting at $999.

Good computer. Use Linux on it. It can be a little bit to install (Kali Linux) but work well. Dual boot with windows — no issue for now. Battery seems to be correct. It’s between four and six hours, depending on the use. A thing which can be bothering is the camera. The borderless screen is beautiful, but you can’t put a webcam cover on it. The camera isn’t in the middle, so you can’t fix the webcam cover. (I have a keyboard cover on it). [Click here for more]


Hopefully, these reviews will help you decide if you would like to purchase them for your family or loved ones. Thanks to the companies that allow me to test their products and share with you my thoughts, pros, and cons. My reviews might differ from yours but again, this is only my opinion.

Thanks for reading this article.


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