Joe Biden has been told time and time again that he “invades” personal space and to back off.

After several women came forward to complain about his “creepy closeness” Biden made a video and said that he would back off and give people their space.

In a two-minute video posted to Twitter, former Vice President Joe Biden promised to be more “respectful and mindful” of personal space. In the past few days, two women have accused Biden of touching them inappropriately, sparking a debate about the possible 2020 presidential candidate’s behavior. The women allege that Biden — while he was vice president — made them feel uncomfortable at Democratic Party functions. [CBS News]

Creepy Uncle Joe hasn’t kept his promise. 

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Entitled, elitist Biden continues to get far too close to people, especially young girls and is even back to his creepy hair sniffing.

Biden Doesn’t Know What Year it is, Still Thinks He’s Veep

This man doesn’t care what bothers the peasants. He’s “King Biden” and women and young girls should be honored that his big weird nose is all over their heads and tangled up in their hair.

Biden has had a bad week. A new poll in Iowa shows the former frontrunner is now in 4th place, behind Mayor Pete.

Biden has made a string of “gaffes” as the media likes to call them…In reality, it looks more like senility.

“At the fish fry in Cedar Rapids, Biden says he’s in Ohio instead of Iowa. Quickly corrects himself but I spotted some in the crowd shaking their heads.”

Biden Caught Talking to a Giant Screen

Biden’s creepy behavior happened in Iowa, during a meetup with supporters.

Both videos are disturbing, but it’s the second one that is the most uncomfortable.

Biden has a history of getting waaaayyyy too close to little girls.

“In this clip, former Vice President Biden uses a candid moment to fondle the chest area of a little girl — in front of her entire family. Her visible discomfort is extremely obvious.”

“If that wasn’t disturbing enough, in this clip, Biden not only touches a young woman but smells her hair, kisses her, whispering something into her ear, only to tell her “see you back home, I hope” after visibly creeping out her and who I assume is her mother.”

“As former VP, Biden had a habit of smelling the hair of women and (particularly) little girls. In this clip, he fixes the hair of a little girl, conveniently placing his hands near her chest area. Her and the other young girl beside her clearly seem uncomfortable by it all.”

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