Cleo Petricek is a resident of Austin, Texas and a life-long liberal who told CNN that she’s so sick and tired of the homeless crisis that Democrat city officials have allowed to continue, that she welcomes Gov. Greg Abbott’s solutions.

Abbott told Austin city officials that if they did not fix the homeless mess they created, that State officials would swoop in and do it for them.

Well, they didn’t fix it, and true to his word, Abbott swooped in.

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Abbott took to Twitter where he announced the cleanup efforts:

“Today the Texas Dept. of Transportation began cleaning under bridges in Austin.

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It’s a slow process and won’t be completed in one day, but steady progress is being made.

Our goal is to make Austin safer while also providing better alternatives for the homeless”

CNN reporter Ed Lavandera also interviewed a homeless man whose homeless encampment was about to be removed.

Petricek said that being homeless is not a crime, but she explained that the behavior behind  – the recklessness, aggressive panhandling, and actively using drugs was. She then looked over and pointed to drug paraphernalia that was right near where the interview was taking place.

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Of course, not everyone was happy. Chris Baker, an advocate for the homeless strongly disagrees with Gov. Abbott’s approach. “And I’ll tell you that like evicting people from living under a bridge is not a solution that’s gonna have any kind of lasting effect,” Baker told CNN reporter Lavandera. “This is theater, this is political theater,” he added

You can watch the video below:

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