Democrats are moving so far left that Barack Obama will be considered an extreme conservative in a year or two.

Last week, Barack Obama warned Democratic donors and candidates that 2020 candidates shouldn’t push for policies that would fundamentally restructure American society. In a way, he was saying they were going left too fast.

I give him credit for trying to save the DNC from itself, but the only problem is he’s no different. They are just more honest about their intentions.

Aside from the legitimacy of what Obama said, you have the political reality of our government. The founders designed the government so that drastic systemic changes were almost impossible. Presidents can promise and propose all they want, but the legislation still has to make it through Congress, where 500 other people have input. Presidents can work hard to convince and cajole to fulfill their campaign promises, but in the end, compromise is going to be the order of the day most of the time.

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Not even people like FDR and LBJ got everything that they wanted or promised all of the time. In a nation, the size and diversity of ours that’s how it needs to work to maintain stability. That doesn’t mean that great and necessary things can’t still be accomplished. However, that can only happen when obstructionism stops being the political coin of the realm in Congress.

The 30-year-old congresswoman took to Twitter Saturday to respond to Obama’s comments and say that the Democratic Party is returning to its roots, Common Dreams reports.

“I want to be the party of the New Deal again. The party of the Civil Rights Act, the one that electrified this nation and fights for all people,” she tweeted.

“For that, many would call us radical. But we aren’t “pushing the party left, we are bringing the party home.”

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Ocasio-Cortez included a campaign ad for Bernie Sanders in her tweet, which also addressed criticisms of the campaign pushing the party too far left. The progressive firebrand has endorsed the Vermont Senator in the Democratic presidential primary and recently campaigned with him in Iowa, where they pushed the Green New Deal.

At one point in the ad, Ocasio-Cortez speaks to Iowans in a living room about the Sanders campaign.

“This is about a people’s movement in the United States, and this campaign is a part of that and electing Bernie Sanders is the beginning of a transformational movement in the “direction of working people in America.”

I find it comical that Obama wants to put the brakes on what he started to begin with, and AOC is stepping up against him as a “voice” to be heard. Might be a little late for that in the Democrat party, those horses bolted years ago.

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The Dems should pay excellent attention to this advice. We need good moderate candidates that bring some respect and honor back to the WH and who will work with both sides to compromise and start bringing our country back to gather for both parties. Instead of continuing to drive people apart and make both sides ever more extreme.

I don’t much care too for the guy, but he is right on this. Their radical positions of today have driven away any potential voter who is even close to the center. They may not vote for Trump, but there is no chance they will vote for anyone the Dems have to offer either.

AOC doesn’t see this as her eyes are purely blinded with socialists’ dreams and ascending to the top of the Democratic party for her Justice Democrats organization.

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Posted by Wayne Dupree Show on Saturday, November 16, 2019

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