The very awkward Alex Vindman was captured by CBS showboating for the cameras and taking “selfies” with his twin brother in front of the West Wing of the White House.

The CBS reporter noted that Vindman clearly “wanted to be seen” as he took his selfie. He’s a very weird man.

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The reporter wrote, “Exclusive: Our sharp @CBSNews photographer captured a good spirited Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman returning to work after testifying in . Here, Vindman is with his twin brother clearly wanting to be seen as they take a selfie in front of the West Wing.”

You can watch the video below:

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While people pointed out his “showboating” and untrustworthiness, most people wondered where his uniform went?

“Lt. Col. Vindman goes back to work – and takes a selfie in a spot where everyone in the complex knows they will be immediately visible to TV cameras —>”


“They should fire them both immediately.”

“It’s all well and good when you’re with your brother, try going back to work and no one trusts you anymore.”

“So Vindman only wears his costume when he thinks it gives him an advantage”

“So is he “Mr. Vindman” today or “Lt. Col. Vindman”? today. If he does not wear his uniform every working day, why was he wearing it yesterday?”

“What if President trump just saw this and fires him lol  I would laugh hard”

“He should be thrown out of West Wing. Leaker.”

“What an ass…”

“couple pieces of shit”


“He is truly a legend in his own mind.”

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