Project Veritas strikes again.

The infamous undercover investigative team got their hands on a “hot mic” tape from ABC anchor Amy Robach.

She was caught on tape admitting that ABC News killed a blockbuster story about Jeffrey Epstein in order to maintain its access to the royal family, and likely protect Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

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ABC ‘s response to the hot mic footage was that the story didn’t meet their “standards” for reporting (they had an actual source and pictures), which is laughable since they ran a slew of uncorroborated stories about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with no sources and no evidence to back it up.

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You can watch the video below:

As you can imagine, the backlash online against ABC is staggering.

People are livid that our media would make a decision to cover for a pedophile so they could keep access to the royal family and keep the Clintons happy.

This is the state of disease in our sickening propaganda media.

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How many more girls were harmed thanks to ABC’s irresponsible and criminal behavior? Did they even bother to turn the evidence over to the FBI?

These are the types of questions people are demanding answers to. I don’t know how ABC makes it out of this one. Makes their “Kentucky” disaster look like child’s play.

(Warning for language and subject mater)

“ABC’s refusal to hand this information and evidence over to law enforcement makes them a complicit accessory in the pedophilia ring. Undoubtedly, their actions led to more children being abused by powerful men — and those men walking free. ABC is disgraced.”

“BULLSHIT BULL FUCKING SHIT Media bent over backwards on the Kavanaugh allegations The victims had fucking PHOTOGRAPHS Of them with Prince Andrew FUCKING COVER UP”

“CNN still has NOT reported on ABC News killing the bombshell story 3 years ago about convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — a story that involved former Democrat President Bill Clinton”

“There was a child sex ring involving some of the most influential people in the world and the media not only sat on it, they attacked anyone who spoke up about it. Why is that?”

“I mean, @abcnews editorial standards are impeccable so this is all perfectly understandable, right?”

“Recap: NBC killed story on Harvey Weinstein, saying it didn’t meet their editorial standards. ABC spiked story on Jeffrey Epstein, saying same. Both orgs (& rest of media) went wild running uncorroborated stories about Brett Kavanaugh being a gang rapist.”

“NBC killed Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein story and let Matt Lauer have a rape button. CBS employed creeps Les Moonves and Charlie Rose. ABC “quashed” the Epstein story three years ago. And all of these “news” companies ran with whatever Kavanaugh smears fell into their lap.”

“RE; the ABC headlines, apparently our media goes after school kids, forklift operators, Kavanaugh, and an elderly woman who ran a pro-Trump FB page harder and with more rigorous standards than the Epstein story and Clinton’s 27+ flights.”

“Hi @brianstelter. Thanks for covering this important event. Say, by the way, did you get a chance to look into the massive bombshell story about a major news network covering for a pedophile sex trafficker?”

“ABC News censors news to protect Clintons”

“ABC News spiked detailed coverage of Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein’s history if rape and pedophilia but thought this was solid news that had to be reported immediately.”

“Have you signed our petition demanding answers from @Disney and @ABC
on #EpsteinCoverup? If not, SIGN IT NOW:”

“Turns out this is actually footage of ABC News destroying interviews with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.”

“Leftists like those at @ABC and other networks run by @theDemocrats
don’t actually give a damn about victims of crime. All they care about is power, and how they can acquire more of it for themselves.”

“I spoke with Stan Pottinger, who represents Virginia Giuffre and defended Amy Robach’s handling of the interview: “She had the story. She and Jim Hill, the field producer, did a fabulous job. I don’t want them tarred by anything that ABC failed to do.”

“NBC kills the Weinstein Story and gives Matt Lauer a Rape button CBS employed and kept quiet about Les Moonves and Charlie Rose ABC Killed the Epstein Story. ALL 3 ran with “anything” that dropped into their lap about Judge Kavanaugh. Disgusting.”

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