It’s so sad what’s happened to liberals since Trump was elected.

Sure, they’ve always been nuts, but since Trump took office, it’s gotten so much worse. It’s like they’ve allowed politics to blacken their souls.

We joke about “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” but it’s real. These people become consumed and driven by their misguided, warped hatred for Trump, that they lose part (if not all) of their humanity.

That’s the only reason you can explain what just happened to “Grey’s Anatomy” actor and Trump supporter Isaiah Washington.

The actor said that he just lost a dear friend who he had for 25-long-years, all because of his support for our America First President.

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Washington says that his friend called him the “n-word” and “stupid” before she stormed out of his life for good.

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He took to Twitter to talk about it. He revealed that when this woman was going through a divorce, Trump allowed her to live in one of his apartment buildings.

So, she knows Trump is not a racist monster, yet she still hates him. It’s a strange clan mentality with liberals. Imagine having that much hate in your heart?

Mr. Washington’s tweets are below.

“Sadly, I just lost a friend of 25 year’s. She called me a ‘nigga’ in anger and said I was ‘stupid’ for supporting 45 and the Right Wingers again. This is a highly intelligent woman, who admits Donald Trump allowed her to live in one of his apartment buildings during her divorce.”

Washington went on to call out the hypocrisy of people who supported Trump as a private and charitable citizen, but now claim he’s a monster in politics.

“Let me get this straight. Prominent and Regular Black People respected and admired the private citizen and billionaire Donald Trump for year’s, and now that he’s 45, he ain’t shit? He hates Black People? Even when he helped their Black Asses for year’s?”

Washington then went on to reaffirm that he’s a free-thinker and doesn’t care what others say.

“Listen, I ain’t NEVER been on that Frat shit, that Group Psyche shit, that Herd shit or that Zeitgeist shit. I have ALWAYS been a Free Thinker and on that Me Phi Me shit. So I’m baffled that so many Black Dems think I really give a f*ck about what they think because I NEVER did.”

Still, it must be hard for him. My heart goes out to him.

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“Here’s what I know to be true. GOD rules my Life, and Chango rules my Crown, so there is absolutely NO FEAR over here. That’s right, Harriet Tubman freed 70 Slaves, and I have ‘helped’ free 7,000 Slaves locked away in Federal Prison along with @cut_50 @VanJones68 and @JessyMichele”

“Diahann Carroll is laughing loudly at me right now with her beautiful and elegant voice. She warned me 2 years ago to ‘tread lightly’ w/h all of this, so I’m better than good to see that her insight will carry me to the finish line in November 2020. #Blexit #LRA #WalkAway ”

Brave man.



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