Hungarian nationalist and Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban lashed out against the globalist agenda.

Orban calls the migrant invasion a movement that was sent to destroy Christianity.

A fierce defender of Christianity, and his country, Orban is often depicted as a “thug” by our fake news media.

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However, that’s not the case. Orban is just laser-focused on defending Hungary and her interests. And that’s how every leader should be when it comes to their country.

When the migration crisis hit Europe in 2015, Orban famously shut Hungary’s borders to Middle Easterners. Orban said that Hungary’s was the only government in Europe to respond to the crisis in its own interests, and in the interests of Christianity in Europe. With a population of only 10 million, and as a country where Christianity, as elsewhere on the continent, is fragile, the Hungarians concluded that allowing large numbers of Muslims to take up residence here would mean the death knell of Christianity in time. [The American Conservative]

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“Middle Eastern Christians,” said Orban, “can tell you what is the [ultimate] end of a society you have to share with Muslims.”

This is why Orban fights as hard as he does – he’s preserving his country’s culture. This is why he and other country’s like Poland, have said “no thank you” to the Muslim migrant invasion – and thank God they have, or all of Europe would be lost like Germany, France, and England are.

Watch the video:

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