Texas Governor Gregg Abbott gave the city of Austin a deadline to fix their policies of “lawlessness,” or he would take care of the situation.

I had heard about the uptick in crime in that area, but I hadn’t done a lot of research on the subject, which means if the Governor can take to his Twitter to post this warning, it must be severe.

The guy is this video should be arrested and charged. As to homelessness and mental illness, in general, While there is no simple solution to handling the overall problem, first and foremost law and order must be maintained.

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It seems like we need to set up some program that provides housing, food essentials, ect.. with job training for those who will accept it. Perhaps get these people out cleaning up the parks and highways initially. Give these people an address, access to a phone line and email for job hunting along with training, and see how many can make a turnaround. For those who do not accept this program who have committed crimes well, we have jails for that. For the mentally ill, perhaps we should revisit state asylums? If we can separate those whose circumstances have placed them in this position from the mentally sick and chronic criminals, I think we at least stand a decent chance of making a difference.

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Another way to deal with the issue is to send in the National Guard to police the streets for a while. See how much crime drops and then demand Austin start doing the same. The same goes for LA, SF, and all the other liberal strongholds that are falling into ruin.

Honestly, we need more Governors like this to put the foot down on crime because the local law enforcement needs defenders from the higher offices of their state government.

I live in Baltimore County and the Baltimore City police, to this point, feel they do not have the city’s backing when dealing with crimes that have helped lead to a record number of killings and shootings this year. The solution isn’t simple, and if I had the way out, I would tell everyone. I also believe the homeless crisis has a lot to do with this too.

I think there are a lot of causes for the crisis, such as homelessness and not having hope, and that means there’s probably not a straightforward solution. There have to be two mechanisms at work here – for those who need help, who are homeless through circumstances no fault of their own, we need to get them some help. BUT, for those who are just choosing to be on the streets, who don’t want to work, they need to be shoved off the streets and away from children and businesses so that the rest of us can get on with life.

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I have a few friends that live in Texas, and they talk all the time about the homeless community complaining about racism among the homeless, but when asked why are they homeless, most say they don’t want to work.

It seems the mayor of Austin permitted these guys to camp right in front of businesses, and Governor Abbott is not going to have it anymore. I think he is taking the right approach. November 1st is right around the corner. Do you think the city of Austin will fix their problems?


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