The New York Times put out a story, claiming a violent Trump video meme, showing Trump “shooting” news outlets, was played for attendees during the “AMP Fest 2019” conservative conference.

Predictably, liberals jumped on the story before all the facts came out, and began condemning President Trump, his supporters, and everyone in attendance at the conference, which included big names like Don Jr., Sarah Sanders, Governor De Santis, and prominent Turning Point USA spokespeople.

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As it turns out, the NYT story did not represent the events correctly.


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The video was not “authorized” by anyone at the event, and according to new information, it was viewed privately, by a few people in some tucked away room.

Who cares? 

What are we China now? Only “Democrat Approved Video Memes” are allowed to be viewed by the lowly peasants?

This is categorically insane.

Here is the video that liberals are losing their collective minds over:

AMP Fest 2019 released a statement condemning the “unauthorized” meme video.

Nobody who the NYT mentions in their piece even saw the video. However, anyone who actually reads the NYT article would assume that this meme video was shown in some grand conference room for all the attendees to enjoy, for crying out loud.

This is manufactured fake news.

The story is absolutely ridiculous and total garbage reporting – the type of trash “journalism” we’ve become accustomed to from politically biased reporters suffering from Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The three-day event in Miami was tainted by a report from the NY Times that a parody video depicted President Trump violently killing Democrats and progressive news outlets. It’s an edit of the infamous “church massacre” in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service starring Colin Firth and and Taron Egerton. President Trump’s head replaces Firth’s as the protagonist goes on a murderous rampage, along with everyone else in the “church,” shooting, stabbing, and killing each other. The other churchgoers’ heads are replaced by logos for various progressive news outlets as well as Democratic politicians, plus Mitt Romney who fittingly stab President Trump in the back.

The NY Times article, which I won’t link to for the sake of journalistic integrity, insinuates that it was a major part of the event that included such prominent Trump supporters as Donald Trump Jr., his former spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They even quoted a spokesperson at the event saying the video was being looked into.

It is clear based on AMP’s statement that this was a setup designed to attach a silly, albeit horrible video to the Trump campaign. Sadly, nobody even saw the video until the NY Times made it go viral. Who incites violence? Leftwing media. [NoQReport]

It’s absurd to think that President Trump and his supporters are somehow “responsible” for fake video memes that random people watch on screens across America (a free country).

Meanwhile, this violence actually happened in Minneapolis, and the mainstream media gleefully gives every Democrat, including Ilhan Omar who is rumored to have been at the violent protest, a pass.

The hypocrisy is stomach-turning, and Americans are sick and tired of it.

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