In what can only be called one of the most vulgar, racist and sexist Twitter rants of all time, Trump-hater Tom Arnold proves once again how disgusting and hateful liberals truly are.

The pro-Trump duo “Diamond and Silk” took to Twitter where they called Arnold out for a racist and sexist tweet that he sent them, which included calling them “fat” and used sexually suggestive language involving “oral sex”  and their “big booties.”

The duo called his behavior “sexual harassment” and “predatory behavior,” and used the #MeToo hashtag.

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Here’s a screenshot of his tweet:

Arnold responded to the duo with an incoherent tweet about Diamond and Silk making sexy videos for him that he “world” has seen. The then made matters even more racist and disgusting, by ordering them to fetch him Popeyes Chicken…”Dark meat only.”

Here is a screenshot of his comments.

Arnold’s tweets are an absolutely stunning and jaw-dropping sexist and racist display, that goes to show you how lowly women and minorities are treated by liberals when they don’t agree with them.

Arnold was called out on his comments.

“Well that’s not racist at all.”

“Tom Arnold tells conservative black women to step-n-fetch him some dark meat chicken…

and it’s not because Tom deflects & changes the premise in his next tweet.”

This vulgar, racist man should lose his Twitter account over this.

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