Roger Ogden from “Patriot Fire” is an expert on the US-Mexico border wall. Ogeden was recently inspecting the status of the border fence in Tijuana, when he saw a Mexican citizen spraying the border fence with some kind of liquid.

He shared a video on his Youtube channel.

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After watching it, people are speculating that whatever the man is spraying, may be a liquid used to make the fence corrode faster, possibly some kind of acid?

Youtube users commented on the video, sharing their opinions on what the man might be doing.

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“Likely nitric acid. He’ll come back several times before it has the desired effect.”

“Spraying a chemical to weaken the fence for later breaching”

“Please send this to border patrol!”

“I believe that acids have to be in aqueous solution to be reactive. Any acid he might spray on the fence is going to probably dry out, turn into dust and fall off before he gets off the fence. If we have any chemists in the house, he/she may know better. I don’t think this is going to work out for them, but you can bet they’ll keep trying”

“This kind of bollard has been on the border fence about ten years or more. If they had some way of just making it corrode away quickly, we probably would have heard of it already. There is some bollard fence near the coast in this area that has been there that long, at least. It looks pretty corroded from the salt mist there, but is still very much intact. Away from salt water in the desert this fence will probably be good for many decades.”

You can watch the video below:

Let us know what you think the man might be doing, and what he’s spraying on the border fencing in the comments below.

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