I have seen this ad twice on TV. I didn’t even know what product they were selling, I was just so horrified by the messaging of boys and men having periods. It’s literally the most disturbing commercial I’ve ever seen.

I took to the internet to research the company and the ad campaign, and I quickly discovered that a lot of people feel just like me – they were outraged over this sick attempt from radical feminists to emasculate men.

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A New York-based company named “THINX,” launched an ad campaign called “MENstruation” with the hashtag #IfWeAllHadPeriods, in an effort to sell an underwear product that “absorbs” women’s periods.

My god.

Here’s the company’s statement on the new ad and their product.

If we all had periods, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them. Thinx is underwear that absorbs your period. We’re on a mission to empower every body with innovative solutions and social change. Learn more about our campaign at

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The company’s Youtube channel has been flooded with angry and disgusted responses from people like you and me, who are sick and tired of this crazy anti-male, radical feminist garbage.

Watch the video below:

Here are some of the responses from people after they watched the video:

“Wtf is this? Besides a huge hell no.”

“America is getting extremely weird”

“Whoever came up with this ad has to be trolling. That is the only logical explanation.”

“This is highly disturbing… why….”

“Twisted minds…this is sick.”

“The sad part: there are people so thoroughly BRAINWASHED that they believe this insanity. MENstruation=MENtal illness.”

“more leftist psychopathic behavior. It’s a good thing nobody owns cable anymore to see this garbage. I can only assume this was created to start problems, count me out. Marked down and never even watched the full video. But one this is funnier than anything, is their subscriber list, and view list. It’s all paid for. That’s pathetic.”

“This world is getting sadder by the day. These people need Jesus!!!”

“This is the most offensive commercial I have ever seen. It’s not an issue unless idiots like these companies make it an issue. Too bad they haven’t learned from Gillette because this anti man bullshit has gone too far.”

“Stop the anti masculine agenda.”

“This is the sort of derangement and psychosis that “coastal” America is currently happily brainwashing itself with in the name of “progress”. Right is wrong, left is right, men are women, war is peace, women are men, up is down, etc. They are enamored with anything perceived as even remotely countercultural. If it’s accepted fact, it must be wrong and bigoted somehow. If “challenges” beliefs it must be right and virtuous. I’m afraid they are quite clearly descending into a kind of religious insanity at this point.”

“This is so disgusting and disturbing. Totally inappropriate for children and as a women I am offended. It minimizes women”

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