Marlon Anderson is getting his job back!

Marlon, the school’s Security Guard, was terminated when he tried to help the Vice Principal handle an unruly student. During the escort, the student called Marlon the n-Word. Marlon kept asking the young man not to call him that word, but the problem hit the road because he also used the n-Word in response, explaining to the young man not to use it. The school supposedly has a “zero-tolerance” policy with that word, so Anderson was fired, but the student was not expelled. Go figure that out.

I turned three shades of red when I read his story. Here is a grown, working man, losing his job over the ravings of an insolent brat. When is the student leaving that school?

America’s public school system is in complete shambles. We have a culture that can’t behave, millions of non-English speaking students who are being taught English as a second language, and a generation of whites who are sensitive cupcakes. Instead of installing discipline to get a grip on this nonsense, the kids are being taught that they can pick a gender and use any bathroom anytime they want.

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With that said, I am a black American; in my home as a child, my parents were very clear that that word was never to be used.

As an adult, I have rarely used the word, especially in the presence of my children, and I don’t think it’s acceptable in rap music either. Free Speech as it is, I cannot influence rap music not to use it, but I don’t have to listen, and I don’t. I guarantee you if a child is using that word, it is being used in their home, and it’s being accepted casually, so the problem is with the parents.

I am glad that this man will be returning to his job, and I hope that from this point forward, we can begin to mend fences where race is concerned in our great country.

A Wisconsin school district is rehiring a black security guard after he was fired last week for repeating a racial slur while telling a student not to use it, a union official said Monday.

Doug Keillor, executive director of Madison Teachers Inc., said that the union was contacted by school officials Monday saying interim Superintendent Jane Belmore decided to rescind the firing of Marlon Anderson.

Anderson said in a Facebook post-Monday afternoon, “I’m back!!” He said he learned of his rehiring while at his new job Monday.

“Thank you to the 1,000 plus students for allowing your voices to be heard and to all the people from across the globe for reaching out to my family,” Anderson said in his post.

Keillor said Anderson, 48, will be on paid leave as he works with the district on a transition plan back to the school. [Fox News]

Considering the way the security guard was mistreated, I think he would be better off at a different job. His superintendent has no respect for him at all. I feel the superintendent will eventually find another reason to fire this man to get even.

The seven others that were fired for this stupid “zero tolerance” rule should now all sue the school district for millions. Either you enforce the rules the same foolish way, or you treat the rule precisely the same. The rule is idiotic in the first place, but you cannot make a rule and then enforce it differently when a black man breaks the stupid rule.

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The problem with laws, regulations, and policies is that those making them are imperfect, at best. Not every circumstance and motivation can be foreseen nor judged outside of its context, and this is a perfect example of an inflexible application of a poorly written, unwise policy.

Anderson was doing the right thing and is a good man. However, using the word reinforced its power and used it in an environment where others who do not resemble him would have been fired, publicly shamed, and had their lives ruined. Not that he doesn’t have more of a right to use the word (he does), but how and when it is used is the issue. I wish him well in his new job and hope he continues to fight to build up our youth.

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