Imam Tawhidi, who operates a verified account on Twitter called out Ilhan Omar on Friday, for participating in the violent anti-Trump protests in downtown Minneapolis, smack-dab in the heart of her district.

Tawhidi took to Twitter, where he posted several screen shots that look exactly like Ilhan Omar and her boyfriend from a video that was taken Thursday night, after the Trump rally.

Hoards of violent anti-Trump protesters flooded the streets, beating Trump supporters, kicking them, shoving, and spitting on them, not to mention the savage verbal abuse.

We know from another report that a MN state rep. was active in the violent protests. You can read that story here. 

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Tawhidi claims the footage that he viewed is of Ilhan Omar. In a tweet he asked her why she wore a “Burqa,” and why she was with Democrat terror group Antifa. He then shared several screen shots comparing the video footage to her pictures.

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Even though the woman is covered, it certainly does look similar to Ilhan Omar.

“It also looks like that the guy in front of @IlhanMN is her lover Tim Mynett. What a coincidence? Same glasses, same nose, same face, same Hijab, same Ilhan Omar.

I will say, that man does look exactly like Omar’s alleged married boyfriend. What do you think? 

“Here’s a clearer picture??

It looks exactly like him. 

“Please tell us if this was or wasn’t you, @IlhanMN

You can watch the video below:

Other internet sleuths claim they spotted Ilhan Omar’s daughter as well.

“There are photos of her daughter. There is another video out there where two men attack a supporter and she raises a flag to stop them.
Is that her too?”

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