Rep. Steve Scalise delivered a passionate and scathing speech that brought down the House.


Scalise Stood at his podium, with a giant sign next to him that read “37 Days of Soviet-Style Impeachment Hearings” and delivered a barn-burner speech that had the GOP cheering and clapping.

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The House Minority Whip called out Schiff and Pelosi’s impeachment scam; a process that has been marred by Adam Schiff’s secret closed-door hearings, lies, fabrications, and alleged witness tampering.

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Today’s vote to “continue the impeachment inquiry” comes on the heels of the fake “whistleblower” identity being revealed.

The man has been ID’d by insiders and Real Clear Investigations as a totally partisan hack who is an Obama holdover that worked with John Brennan and Joe Biden.

Eric Ciaramella is the man’s name, and now that we know this, this impeachment sham is even more absurd.

You’ll recall we called out Eric a couple of weeks back as the likely whistleblower.

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This man has been a known leaker and lost his job at the NSC because of it.

So, Rep. Scalice’s impassioned speech was even more poignant, at a time when we’re literally watching the Democrat Party and Deep State trying and overthrow a sitting United States President, again.

You can watch the video below:

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