Why is a library in Phoenix using U.S. tax dollars to build a religious “foot-washing” station for Muslims?

That’s the question many outraged Americans are asking after a video of the “foot-washing” station was filmed by a person inside the library bathroom.

The station is inside South Mountain Community Library in Phoenix.

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In the video, a young American male films the contraption and then ventures out to ask library officials what the station is, what’s it’s used for, and why it’s there.

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He is told that it’s there for “religious” reasons (what about the separation of church and state?) and that it’s for Muslim people to use before they pray.

You can watch the video below:

Needless to say, Americans were angry and wanted to know why their hard-earned tax dollars were going to fund a religious practice in a city building.

“What happened to separation of church and state?”

“If they don’t pray in the library then why is there a need for a foot wash there? Why wouldn’t they just go home and wash their feet?”

“Exactly….where are the special religious accommodations for Christians? For Buddhist? For Hindus and Sikhs ? For Jews ?? Nope only MUSLIMS get preferential treatment because out of all religions only ISLAM is proven to KILL anyone, everyone they don’t like. Fear of Islam!!!”

“oh hell no!”

“They asked for it to prove they could get them to do it and as a reminder that they outrank Christians with our representatives. Sad!”

“Notice when they pray on sidewalks, streets, and parks, they don’t wash their feet. This is a case of jizya aka using Infidel taxpayer money to keep the peace.”

“Arizona is being taken over by residents leaving Chicago, California and New York. The state will go left soon. Those same residents will leave again not realizing they caused their own mess yet again.”

“I’m from Tucson….Id be pissed. Libs always want separation of church and state but only with Christianity. Hypocrites.”

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