Ding dong, the diva, is gone. 

That’s what nearly every Trump supporter was saying after Shepard Smith signed off for the last time.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

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Of course, if you looked online, you’d think America was saying “goodbye” to the most celebrated, most gifted newsman in the history of communication. CNN was practically on suicide watch as word spread that Shep was gone, and MSNBC was already wearing their funeral black as they fired off tweet after tweet praising the “brilliance” of Shep Smith.

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Liberal media elites loved Shepard Smith because he was the #Resistance working behind enemy lines on Fox News. They were sad and shaken that they lost their “inside guy.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us were jumping for joy.

Other people who were jumping for joy were the people who worked with Shep. Those poor folks don’t agree with the liberal elites who are praising Shep as a “brilliant and selfless leader.”

No way.

On the contrary, sources over at Fox News told award-winning journalist “Thomas Paine” from True Pundit, that Shep was a jerk, and a workplace bully, not to mention a total primadonna, and vengeful as hell…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Shep Smith was a jerk. He was a jerk to work for. He was a jerk to work with. And he was a jerk away from the newsroom and cameras as well.

“You are in one of two categories with Shep,” said a long-time FOX insider. “He either likes you or he hates you and if he hates you, watch the f*ck out because you’re in for one hell of a roller coaster ride.”

Perhaps the folks offering praise toward Shep are in the better category, the one where Shep can be a great confidant, pal, and colleague. He can be those things and is to many people, insiders said. To be fair. But if you crossed Smith — or he thought you crossed him — you were in trouble.

“He had a tremendous amount of power at FOX and he ruined careers,” one FOX insider said. “It’s a strange thing; he could be such a normal guy and then just snap. If he could have learned to control that I think he could have been something special in this business.”

But Shep could not control it. In fact, many times it controlled him. [True Pundit]

As we figured, Shep suffered from Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome. Before Trump splashed on the scene, Shep’s co-workers thought he leaned Democrat, but they weren’t entirely sure.

After Trump came along, Shep lost control of his faculties.

“I would say before Trump became a front runner we knew Shep leaned Democrat but the more steam Trump got the crazier Shep got,” a FOX insider said.

A FOX insider recounts:

“We were working during the (2016) election and a political ad came on TV for Trump and he exploded: ‘This is you’re fucking guy. You support this piece of shit? You’re a piece of shit too. Jesus f*cking Christ this guy needs to be stopped. What the f*ck is wrong with you people?’

“Like a light switch, normal guy to total bully in seconds. And the funny thing is is that I am not even a hard-core Conservative. I just liked some of the things Trump was saying at the time.”

Perhaps Shep forgot he was employed by a supposed Conservative news network.

Unfortunately, after Trump was elected Shep became more rabid. [True Pundit]

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As we reported early on, Shepard Smith left Fox News because Tucker Carlson bruised his gigantic ego. After 23-years, Shep felt like the “cock of the walk” at Fox News, and how dare this “new guy” challenge him. And even worse, how dare Fox News not back him up?

Recently, FOX’s Tucker Carlson did begin calling out Shep on-air for his mega-liberal slant on the news and his manic criticisms of Trump. To Carlson’s credit he was somewhat vicious but this is the news business and politically, the playing field has never been this partisan.

“Shep lost it behind the scenes, complaining to top executives and I think even (Rupert) Murdoch,” one FOX insider said. “He might have called for Tucker’s head, who knows but what didn’t happen was no one up top backed Shep up on this and he was stunned.”

Shep felt betrayed.

“He was shocked because he always got his way for the most part in these battles,” one FOX veteran said.

If you are looking to send anyone flowers or buy someone a beer for the demise of Shep Smith at FOX, it might be Tucker Carlson.[True Pundit]

According to Fox News sources, Shep had his #MeToo type issues at work, but he was never held accountable for anything that he did wrong. However, if you got on his bad side, or he didn’t like your politics, he had the power to end your career at Fox.

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Shep had often put male co-workers at FOX is “awkward social and professional situations,” one insider said.

“Complaints were made and nothing happened so the complaints stopped.”

More specifically, nothing professionally happened to Smith. That is not the case for others.

“It was tough to watch some guys struggle with this,” one FOX insider said. “If you got on Shep’s shit list because you rejected him or he did not like your politics that could be the end of your career at FOX.”

Shep would blacklist reporters and producers her did not like. Some were frustrated and eventually “forced out” of  FOX.

“Another thing Shep would do is limit your time on air if he did keep you on his show at all but he did something else that always pissed me off,” one FOX reporter revealed. “He would take all of the information you gathered at a news scene and then report on it before he went to you live and he never gave you credit for working all goddamn day to get the information. By the time I was on the air I had nothing to say because Shep stole all my news. He did this all the time.”

Shep came off looking a news savant to the television audience and the FOX reporters on the scene looked like dopey props. [True Pundit]

Shep’s behavior doesn’t shock me, because the real intolerance, hate, and rudeness has always come from the “loving” liberals on the left

Sadly, Shep was just another empty, joyless cosmopolitan elite who came unglued when Trump and reality breached his liberal safe space.

He’s an aging primadonna, whose life is so shallow and meaningless that he hates Trump to give himself purpose.


Again, good riddance to bad rubbish. 


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