When America watched Brandt Jean, brother of slain victim Botham Jean, hug the person that killed him in cold blood, many were taken aback by the amount of forgiveness in the young man.

I even had to question my convictions on whether or not I could do that, in that setting but I never rationalized that moment like CNN contributor Bakari Sellers who seemed to want to inject racism into the equation.

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Sellers, as you will witness in the video below, was not happy that Jean spoke of forgiveness and hugged the defendant, Amber Guyger, the woman convicted of killing his brother after she entered his apartment and shot him, thinking she was in her own apartment.

Sellers told the host, it “infuriates me” and “drives me crazy” while making the claim that forgiveness by blacks toward whites has not been “reciprocated.”

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Sellers also complained about presiding Judge Tammy Kemp who also hugged Guyger as the liberal commentator said that, even though the judge is black, she is “part of an oppressive system.”

Here are excerpts of the video (below);

Sellers: But when you take a step back, the imagery that’s seen not only just at that moment but also the judge hugging Ms. Guyger later, it infuriates me — it drives me crazy because what you see is a place and a posture in which African-Americans — black folk always are having to show forgiveness when that is not reciprocated.

Someone once asked me about reconciliation, and they said, “When can we get to a place where white people in this country say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and black people say, ‘We forgive you’?” the problem is that black folk have always said — we always get to a point of forgiveness way before the point of “I’m sorry.”

This isn’t about forgiveness — this isn’t a scene about grace. This is another black man dead at the hands of someone who did not give them the benefit of their humanity. And for me, I’m just ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired,’ to quote Fannie Lou Hamer.

This isn’t about an interracial hug. This is about a young man who will not be able to raise a family — will not be able to walk down the aisle — will not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor — will not be able to live because someone took away his life because they did not believe in his dignity.

And the last thing about this grace is — and I saw a judge — now, I know people are going to say she’s black — well, she’s part of an oppressive system — come down and hug someone who is a murderer. I’ve been in courts over a thousand times — I’ve probably done nearly a thousand pleas — I’ve never seen a judge hug a client or defendant or a murderer.

The problem is this grace is never reciprocated. And, as a black man in America, the most frustrating thing is that I have to be in a perpetual state of rage. And that is a very difficult burden to bear. And I’m tired of giving grace and forgiveness that is apparently a one-way street.

I’m more amazed by anything else the tremendous amount of grace Mr. Jean and Judge Kemp showed to this woman. If you want to know what a true Christian is, it’s these people. But CNN, like the rest of secular media, hates Christians so…

It’s very sad to know that there are people who see this as a situation involving black and white people rather than people involved in a tragedy. Isn’t there enough emotional pain here without bringing racist crap to the situation?

Funny how America, where everyone is free to leave at any time, is a place where some folks feel imprisoned, and others spend their life savings to enter illegally.

The act just proves that Mr. Jean and Judge Kemp are bigger/better people than race mongers like Sellers will ever be. But then, vengeance is the rule of your religion.

Watch above, via CNN


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