The reporter who investigated and broke the story on Ilhan Omar marrying her brother received a very unexpected call the night of the Minneapolis rally.

It was the White House calling, and they wanted to know if he planned to attend the rally.

Scott Johnson told the person on the other end of the line that he wanted to avoid the hassle with protesters downtown, so he had not planned to attend.

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However, Scott soon discovered that he and his wife were invited to attend the rally as a personal guests of President Trump, who was anxious to meet the man who exposed Ilhan Omar.

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Needless to say, they were thrilled.

The rally was everything Scott and his wife had hoped it would be, and they were treated like royalty by the White House staffers.

When they finally met President Trump, he was gracious, and kind, and wanted to thank Scott for his work and compliment him on a job well done investigating Ilhan Omar.

My wife and I were treated royally by the president’s staff. When we were ushered in to meet the president, I discovered that President Trump only wanted to compliment me for my work on Omar. He could not have been more gracious. Thank you, Mr. President.

My wife told the president she doesn’t understand how he can do what he is doing while under nonstop assault. “I don’t either,” he said. It was both self-deprecating and funny.

Let me emphasize here that we would not have a bead on the Omar saga if it weren’t for the incredibly dogged work of Preya Samsundar at Alpha News and David Steinberg at PJ Media last year, now on his own. I am deeply indebted to my Somali sources for the work I have done on the Omar story this year. I will return to them in a subsequent post.

Watching the speech — video of the rally below — I thought this was Trump in full. It was a terrific speech. I learn from Patrick Coolican’s Morning Hot Dish newsletter that it was the second longest of Trump’s presidency.

A highly respected political science professor wrote me last night with her brief review of the event: “This rally is one for the ages. So glad you were there. He is hitting it out of the stratosphere. I can only imagine the MSM reaction.” [Powerline]

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President Trump complimented Scott on his ability to “figure out” Omar. He expressed frustration that our lying fake news media refuses to cover the story. However, President Trump assured Scott that he would spread the story, and told him that the American people “get it.”

Target Center in downtown Minneapolis was the venue for last night’s rally. Because Target Center is located near the heart of Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, Ilhan Omar was an inevitable topic of the president’s speech. The president turned to Omar beginning at about 1:03:00. He talked about me and Power Line at about 1:07:30 (speech text here). Our publisher has kindly posted this segment of the speech here.

Referring to my work on Omar, the president observed: “Man, do you have her figured out — figured out. The problem is they never pick it up. They don’t want to pick it up, but we pick it up, Scott, and the people get it and we thank you for your great reporting.” The president proceeded to quote my observation — he was quoting from the post “Stand by your sham: Datapoints” — that everything about Omar is a fraud, including her name. [Powerline]

I think it’s amazing that President Trump wanted to meet this man and tell him personally that he appreciated his work, and also assure him that his work was not in vain. That’s the type of president we have. He has this very common man/personal touch that makes him so unique and endearing.

What I hope, is that President Trump continues to use his pulpit to speak out on Omar, until the mainstream media is forced to report on her alleged frauds.

If you want to read Scott’s original piece that broke the story wide open, you can find it here.

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