Sarah Sanders is a great friend and support for President Trump. And even though she’s no longer in the White House, she’s still a master at side-stepping a “Fox trap.”

That’s precisely what she did during an appearance on the formerly conservative network when she was asked about the “shocking” Fox News poll that shows a majority of Americans want President Trump impeached and removed from office.

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First off, the poll was conducted by an LGBTQ activist and it’s rigged. You can read all about how they did it here.

It’s total fake garbage and should not be taken seriously. Fox News is the enemy of we the people.

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President Trump also addressed the absurd poll.

Sanders handled the question about the (phony) poll like a pro, and stood by President Trump, as she always has done. But what Sanders did the best, is that she gave no credibility to the ridiculous poll.

Not one iota. 

Thank you, Sarah!

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on Fox News and openly panned Thursday a poll published by the network that showed a majority of respondents wanted President Donald Trump impeached and removed from office.

“The latest Fox News polling showing this as far as where respondents stand on the president being impeached and removed from office. It shows 51 percent say that should happen. I want to get your response to that before I let you go,” Fox News host Sandra Smith said.

“If anybody can handle a lot of different things on their plate it is certainly Donald Trump,” Sanders responded.

“He has proven that time and time again whether it’s focusing on trade, the defeat of ISIS, rebuilding our military. He is very capable of doing a number of things at one time. I think that impeachment is very bad for our country. But frankly, it has not been bad so far for Republican fundraising or candidate recruitment. I think those two things mean infinitely more than a poll a year out.”

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Finally, she predicted that “at the end of the day will be fully vindicated on the fake Ukraine scandal like he was on the fake Russia scandal.” [Daily Caller]

You can watch the video below:


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