Liberals are working overtime to indoctrinate our nation’s children into the LGBTQ or “Alphabet Mafia” lifestyle.

It’s an all out assault. Progressive LGBTQ activists are using corporations, advertising, TV, movies, music, and now schools in order to “convert” as many children to the “gay lifestyle,” as possible. Or, at the very least create an army of kids who support and fight for the LGBTQ lifestyle.

The good news is, Christian parents are fighting back.

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As a matter of fact, a group of furious parents in Ohio are waging war against the forces of evil who are trying to takeover the hearts and minds of their children.

Gay is great, regardless of what parents think.

That’s the lesson students as young as 11 years old are learning at Van Buren Middle School in Kettering, Ohio, where Christian parents are sounding the alarm about the LGBTQ agenda in public schools that’s undermining their family values.

Mission: America, a conservative blog billed as “Christian Commentary on the Culture,” highlighted a recent school-wide assembly at the school held in conjunction with National Coming Out Day last week.

Parents weren’t informed about the “Coming Out Day” event, WND contributor Linda Harvey explained in the column for Mission: America, and at least one mother is pushing back against the indoctrination.

“It all happened at Van Buren Middle School in Kettering, a Dayton suburb. An 11-year-old boy reported to his mom that a special speaker addressed the students. Actor/author Maulik Pancholy related his experience believing he was ‘gay’ back in 6th grade and now encourages students to embrace their homosexual feelings. He’s written a book called The Best At It,” according to Harvey. [American Mirror]

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It’s so disturbing how liberals “sexualize” children. There’s something so wrong about taking an innocent child’s mind and filling it up with perverted sexual imagery.

This is what liberals do with “Drag Queen Story Hour,” and what they’re doing in schools all across the country.

This twisted campaign creates confusion, fear, and can cause lasting harm to our nation’s children. It’s abuse for political gain. You can’t get much sicker than that.

“Sharing one’s sexuality to 11-year-olds, many who aren’t even thinking about sex, has absolutely no place in our publicly funded schools. Why did they think this was appropriate? And why did they think it was okay to teach our children without our knowledge or consent? And on top of that, use our tax money to teach our children beliefs we disagree with?” the mother wrote.

“I’m assuming when confronted the school will fall back on their ‘anti-bullying’ facade, which I find ironic when you consider what is defined as bullying,” she continued. “As is well known, anyone who disagrees with this agenda is instantly labeled with hateful rhetoric and name-calling such as ‘homophobic,’ ‘bigot,’ or ‘hate group/hate speech,’ certainly not what any child wants to be called. Nor does any child want to singled out as hateful, when they’re anything but that.”

“I would certainly call that intimidating!” the mother added. “So, as the school hides behind the ‘anti-bullying’ façade to deceptively promote the LGBT agenda behind parents backs, it would appear by definition they are the big bullies here.” [American Mirror]

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This is an all out coordinated push by schools to indoctrinate our kids and override traditional Cristian values that are being taught in homes across America. This is the “War on Christianity.”

The gay rights school agenda is promoted heavily by the nation’s largest teachers unions, which funnel millions every election year almost exclusively to liberal candidates and causes, including those its members strongly oppose.

In March, National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen Garcia partnered with Sarah McBride, a transgender spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, to read stories about LGBTQ characters to kindergartners at Ashlaw Elementary School for Read Across America Day.

Meanwhile, the California Department of Education is pushing a new Health Education Framework for kindergarteners that promotes 15 different genders, with no opt-out option for parents.

The assembly in Kettering also isn’t the first time students and parents in the Dayton area have run into issues with the pro-LGBTQ bias in public schools.

Lebanon High School student Gabby Helsinger posted a Facebook video in March explaining that administrators sentenced her to in-school suspension for attempting to counter LGBT promotions from the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club, WHIO reports.

Helsinger said the day after she posted Bible verses that illustrate her perspective on the gay lifestyle, she was called into the office and punished. [American Mirror]

We must continue to fight for the souls of our children who are at risk of being snatched and blackened by a twisted progressive agenda that spits in the face of traditional Christian American values.

Parents must fight to save their kids. 

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