George W. Bush didn’t say a word while Obama destroyed this country for 8 long and miserable years. He was quiet as a church mouse as Obama weaponized intel organizations, and the IRS, spied on Americans, turned Libya into a disaster, allowed ISIS to rise to power, and destroyed healthcare, among many countless other things.

However, now that there’s an anti-globalist/America First president in office, George W. Bush, the neocon loser, just can’t shut up.

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During an event at “Nir School of The Heart,” Bush stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his good buddy and accused rapist Bill Clinton, and slammed President Trump’s “peaceful” foreign policy, calling it “isolationist” and “dangerous.” He also wasted no time slamming Trump’s immigration policy as well, calling it “anti-immigrant.”

Gotta get in as many jabs as humanly possible, right George? 

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What an absolute abysmal failure this man is.

Josh Rogin, a journalist for the Washington Post, reported on the event on his Twitter timeline.

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President George W. Bush tonight at the Nir School of the Heart event: “I don’t think the Iranians believe a peaceful Middle East is in their national interest.”

George W Bush takes a direct shot at Trump: “An isolationist United States is destabilizing around the world. We are becoming isolationist and that’s dangerous for the sake of peace.”

And right on cue, the accused rapist and impeached former president Clinton chimes in.

Bill Clinton: “I regret that I didn’t send 10,000 troops to Kigali, Rwanda.” Says he could have saved a lot of lives there.

Bush then goes on to lament how he “wishes” he had worked on immigration reform when he was in office. Please. This guy never wanted “immigration reform.” That’s the last thing he wanted.

He then goes on to claim that we are a “nation of immigrants.”

No. We’re a nation of Americans, George. This isn’t 1920, it’s 2019, you globalist jerk.

GW Bush says his biggest regret is failing to do comprehensive immigration reform with Congress. “We are a nation of immigrants but the language coming out of the system today is rejecting immigration.”

It is moments like this when the globalists, who have done everything they can to ruin this country, show their true colors.

We know who George W. Bush is – he’s a man cut from the same cloth as Clinton, Obama, and every other good-for-nothing globalist who has destroyed our country’s middle class to line their own pockets, and eroded our traditional American Christian values.

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