It’s official. We have the dumbest media on planet earth.

President Trump shared an OBVIOUS meme today on Twitter or the “hero dog” that helped takedown former ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. He wrote on the tweet “AMERICAN HERO.”

It was obviously a photoshopped meme that a supporter had made and Trump shared it.

This is Outrageous: [VIDEO] Outrage Over AZ Library Using U.S. Tax Dollars to Build ‘Muslim Foot-Washing’ Station in Public Bathroom

A sweet way to show love for the “Hero Dog.”

But right on cue, our Trump Deranged/humorless media had to jump in and ruin it.

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These people are so self-righteous, I guess they thought they had “busted” Trump in some sneaky “fake pic” scandal?

Honestly, I don’t even know what these people were thinking – but liberals are melting down in record numbers over this meme.

The “scoop” reporter below actually called the White House because when he checked, he didn’t see a “canine” event on Trump’s calendar today.

Can you imagine being this clueless?

Later the reporter alerted everyone that the White House had got back with him and said it was “photoshopped.”

Gee, ya don’t say??

But not before the New York Times put TWO reporters on this very serious story.

They wanted to get the gut-wrenching raw reaction from the “disrespected” Vietnam vet/medal of honor recipient in the original photo.

Sadly for the New York Times, he loved it. He even laughed and hoped the dog was doing well.

Better luck next time, guys.

It’s embarrassing how our media behaves – like petulant children.  And they lack any self-awareness because they just keep repeating this horribly embarrassing behavior over and over again.

Below are some reactions from folks on Twitter.

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