The signs are all there. The writing is on the wall. Yet, nobody will address the real reason Netflix is losing subscribers and their stock has been downgraded.

The “insiders” say it’s because of competition in the market, With Disney TV and Apple TV.

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Overall, it was Netflix’s US growth that came up short. Domestically, Netflix added 520,000 streaming customers for a total of 60.62 million, shy of its guidance for 800,000 new members. Its international subscriber base grew by 6.26 million members to 97.71 million, slightly better than the 6.2 million new subscribers the company had predicted.

Shares were up 7.9% at $309 in after-hours trading. Netflix stock had dropped 18% in the last six months, as the subscriber-growth worries have weighed on shares.

The results come at a crucial time for Netflix, which needed to shake off worries about flagging subscriber growth just as the so-called “streaming wars” intensify. Three months ago, Netflix reported its first drop in US subscribers in eight years. [CNET]

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That may be part of it, but there’s a bigger problem for Netflix and they’re ignoring it because they, like NFL, Gillette, and every other failing social justice company, don’t want to admit that conservatives and Christians have massive consumer power….and we’re right.

This is the first time in 8 years that Netflix has lost subscribers. This is very significant.

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Netflix expected over 350K new U.S. users.

They actually lost 126K U.S subscribers.

Sorry Netflix, but people don’t want to watch anti-male/pro-feminist garbage, preachy political nonsense from the Obamas, or disgusting satanic shows.

“Yep, I will not be watching this Sabrina show on Netflix again. What kind of Satanic celebration is this? I had to say “God forbid” at least 20 times.”

“So i noticed something of netflix recent shows sabrina..chambers etc…this shows are pushing their satanic divine feminine…a demoness called lilith…hmmmmm”

“What is up with all these satanic shows on netflix, I know they getting paid by the illuminati”

“Bro what’s up with all these satanic movies/shows on Netflix? Y’all actually let the devil in and watch that shit? I’m praying for you guys”

Not only are subscribers dropping off, but Netflix stock has been downgraded as a result. Worried stockholders and industry leaders are coping, by never not questioning programming or partnerships. It’s just that darn Apple TV, right? RIGHT!


They’re like perpetual ostriches with their heads buried in the sand.

Competition and maturity is making U.S. subscriber growth more challenging, the analyst noted. “We still think its opportunity is excellent, especially internationally where sub adds should continue to step up,” Nollen wrote about Netflix, led by CEO Reed Hastings. “But it’s hard to deny the U.S. is maturing, with sub add growth halving this year … We expect competition coming from Disney+ and others especially in the U.S. will have only modest effect on churn, but we think it will be hard for Netflix to grow much more in the U.S., and we suspect pricing power is limited.”

A slew of other Wall Street observers on Thursday also reduced their stock price targets for Netflix, with CFRA Research analyst Tuna Amobi cutting his by $35 to $365 while maintaining his “buy” rating on the stock.

Guggenheim Securities Michael Morris dropped his price target on Netflix by $20 to $400, while also keeping his “buy” rating on the stock. “We are confident in the subscriber and economic growth potential of the business over the long term; however, we do expect investors to remain cautious due to the overhang from competition,” he wrote in his report. “We are lowering our 12-month price target to $400 from our prior $420 based on higher operating expenses and slightly lower subscriber additions.”


Looking at the company’s U.S. business, Juenger wrote that “we don’t believe 500,000 [subscriber] adds versus 800,000 guide is meaningful.” He added: “The bigger argument is whether Netflix has reached saturation. [Hollywood Reporter]

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Below is a very interesting video that breaks down a lot of the issues that Netflix is facing, including competition, but also their cruddy content. The only show that saved them was the sci-fi hit “Stranger Things.”

Good people do not want to watch shows that try and normalize Satan. We are sick and tired of the fake “girl power” stuff and all the man-bashing. And Barack and Michelle Obama are politicians, not movie producers. Only a very small handful of people care to watch partisan political shows.

Most sane people want to watch movies and TV to escape politics.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Watch the video below:

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