Just before taking the vote to continue on with their impeachment inquiry sham, Nancy Pelosi gave a slurring speech on the House floor.

When the vote finally came down, Pelosi took a huge political blow, as it went totally down party lines. ZERO Republicans voting for the sham, and TWO Democrats voting against her.

Trump Supporters Are Not Fooled: Trump Supporters React to House Vote on Impeachment Inquiry ‘It’s 2020 Election Meddling by Panicked House Dems’

The reason this was a blow to Pelosi, is because back in March, she made it perfectly clear that in order for any impeachment effort to be successful, she would need “bipartisan” support.

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As Pelosi gave her slurring pre-vote speech, she made what many would call a “Freudian slip.”

Pelosi told the chamber of Democrats and Republicans that the impeachment of President Trump was NOT about “patriotism.”

No kidding, tell us something we don’t know, lady.

Pelosi struggled to recover after the oh-so-truthful words came flowing out of her mouth, and finally sputtered out “partisan.”

This isn’t about anything personal with the President. It isn’t about politics, it isn’t about patriotism— it isn’t about, uh, partisanship. It’s about patriotism,” she said.

“It’s about patriotism,” she repeated.

Of course, her good buddies over at CNN edited her quote to help her sound “patriotic” and sane.

By the way, how can it not be partisan, when no Republican voted with her? Have another vodka, Nancy.

In another hilarious moment, Pelosi said that nobody has come to congress to impeach President Trump.


To watch Pelosi’s “Freudian Slip” watch the second video below:

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