The Trump administration is suing the state of California for voter fraud involving the Department of Motor Vehicle, citing the agency is failing to verify the citizenship of people applying for voter registration.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillion filed the suit on behalf of the Trump administration after a state audit found that the “motor voter” program was riddled with technical errors that led to hundreds of thousands of discrepancies in voter registrations.

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The lawsuit states that the California Secretary of State has “forsaken its duty to ensure that non-citizens are kept off voter rolls.”

A Republican lawyer who has waged lawsuits on behalf of the Trump administration sued the state of California and its Department of Motor Vehicles Tuesday, saying the agency is failing to verify citizenship for voter registration.

A federal lawsuit filed by attorney Harmeet Dhillon comes after a state audit found the California DMV’s “motor voter” program that started last year was riddled with technical problems that led to hundreds of thousands of discrepancies in voter registrations. Dhillon said that audit helped bring issues raised in her lawsuit to light.

The lawsuit alleges that California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and the director of California’s DMV, Steve Gordon, have violated the National Voter Registration Act and that Padilla has “forsaken his duty to ensure that non-citizens” are kept off voter rolls. She said the lawsuit does not allege voter fraud but that the state is neglecting one of its duties as outlined by the voter act. [Washington Post]

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After the audit, which showed hundred of thousands of discrepancies, California DMV’s stopped reregistering people (illegals) to vote.

Watch the video below:

The lawsuit demands that California be required to use a variety of different ways in order to ensure that everyone who is registering to vote is an actual American citizen.

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“It is important for the sanctity of our elections that only people who are entitled to vote, which for federal elections means citizens, be allowed to vote,” Dhillon said at a news conference.

Dhillon, a Republican National Committee member, filed the lawsuit on behalf of three U.S. citizens living in California, Roxanne Beckford Hoge and Ali Mazarei, both of whom are naturalized citizens, and Corrin Rankin.

Dhillon said all three are Republican voters but that the lawsuit was nonpartisan. The plaintiffs “feel passionately that the right to vote should be restricted to citizens only, as the law requires,” she said.

The lawsuit asks a court to rule that California be required to use a variety of data to verify citizenship eligibility before enrolling people to vote. [Washington Post]

Watch the video below on the lawsuit that was filed.

Do you agree that the “motor voter” program is just another way for the Democrats to register illegal aliens to vote? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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