Mitt Romney rolled into the D.C. swamp like he owned the place. And maybe at one time he did own the swamp, but times have changed, even if Mitt hasn’t.

The Republican Party is no longer the party of globalists like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitt himself. Those dinosaurs are the “old guard” –  ancient relics whose ideas failed the American worker and destroyed the middle class.

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The only way for a “Mitt Romney-esque” politician to make it nowadays, would be to disavow their globalist/neocon past, kiss the America First ring, and support President Trump and his agenda.

If they refuse to do any one of those steps, they will not be welcomed into the new Republican Party – the Party of Trump. And their political life will be torturous – consisting of a nonstop barrage of calls from angry constituents, trolling online, cruddy poll numbers, and chaotic town halls.

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Welcome to MAGA country, cucks.

Romney hasn’t chosen wisely. He refuses to let go of the old ways and embrace America First. Instead, he slams Trump every chance he gets, and has taken over the traitorous “John McCain” role.

While Romney thinks he’s upholding some phantom “moral integrity” of the Republican Party, the rest of us think he’s a pompous ass and a smug jerk who is living in a dusty bygone political era that smells like an old dirty doily at your Grandma’s house.

And this “Republican Dad” attitude that Romney insists on projecting is having an impact at home in Utah as well. A place where Romney should feel safe – after all Utah is about as “red” as they get, may also be changing.

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The good people of Utah didn’t elect Romney (or Mike Lee) to be the GOP #Resistance to President Trump – we get enough of that with the Democrats. They elected Romney to support the president who they elected and work for “we the people.”

Romney’s posture may be taking a toll back home among Trump-supporting Republicans […]

“He’s made some bad comments about Donald Trump, and Donald Trump has done everything we’ve asked him to do,” said Leland Pollock, a Garfield County commissioner. “If [Romney] decides to run in 2024, I’ll even put my black hat in the ring. I would run myself.”

“The people who are in love with Mitt Romney right now are the Democrats. And there aren’t a lot of them in Utah,” said Darin Bushman, a Piute County commissioner. “I actually did vote for him. And I regret that to this day. If I had to do it over tomorrow, I would vote for the Democrat.”

Romney says he doesn’t conduct polls in Utah and “gave up trying to be popular in high school.” And GOP state Sen. David Hinkins said that while his constituents wish Romney wouldn’t so quickly criticize the president, there’s also no upside to being a potted plant, either. [Politico]

While there is a massive Republican presence in Utah, those folks are in the suburbs. Salt Lake City is a very progressive city. They have a very large gay population and the city is just crawling with liberals, many are “Green Party” supporters. Very “radical” liberals.

Romney lives in Park City Utah, which is just as progressive as Salt Lake City, if not worse.  These people represent a large majority of people who “love” Romney and want him to “battle Trump.”

You’ll recall back in 2016, Romney’s guy, that intel Deep State stooge Evan McMullin, ran against Trump to try and tip Utah to Hillary. Even with that traitorous plot, where McMullin took over 21 percent of the vote, Trump still won Utah by nearly 46 percent.

There’s nothing wrong with challenging President Trump. Nobody wants to be robotic sheep. But what Romney does is not “challenging.” He pounces on anything and everything Trump does in the most negative way, every single time. It’s the exact same way Democrats attack Trump. The only difference between Romney and a Democrat is the “R” in front of his name – everything else is the same.

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Romney has been facing severe backlash for his incessant attacks against President Trump.

So much so, that now he’s claiming there is no “Never Trump coup” against the president. Romney says he’s not leading any group, because nobody follows him.

Ha ha ha!

A conservative group accuses him of being a secret Democratic asset. President Donald Trump calls him a pompous ass and the president’s son says he may be “colluding to bring down our president.” One of his own Senate colleagues asserted that he’s following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s path.

But for all the speculation that Mitt Romney is plotting against Trump as the impeachment threat spikes, the Utah GOP senator says there’s no Never Trump coup in the works.

“I don’t believe I’m leading a wing of the party. Because there’s no wing that’s very large that is aligned with me,” Romney said in an interview this week after a two-week recess.
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“Since I’ve been back, I have not spoken with a single senator about the impeachment process or about the implications of the process that’s going on or how I would vote,” he added. [Politico]

President Trump tweeted out this Romney ad today. Enjoy.

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