A very small blip in a 2017 Time Magazine article, that most people probably brushed over at the time, is now a very relevant puzzle piece today.

We all know that Mitt Romney is a snake. But how much of a snake is he?

What I mean by that is — is Mitt just some establishment stooge trying to make a “virtuous” name for himself, who blusters and bellows, but has no real pull or influence, or is he a highly-connected Deep State puppet, or maybe worse…is he pulling strings, and making significant moves that impact Trump behind the scenes?

Let’s connect the dots real quick.

Bombshell Audio: [VIDEO] Glenn Beck Just Released Audio of Ukrainian Official Admitting He ‘Interfered’ in 2016 Election to ‘Help Hillary’

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Back in 2016, it was rumored that Mitt Romeny and Paul Ryan played a role in the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Mike Cernovich has uncovered a bombshell of a story if accurate. Paul Ryan might have been behind the leak of the Billy Bush tapes. Stay with this until the end as it will be worth the time.

The story of the leak for public consumption goes like this:

On Monday, a producer remembered Trump’s 2005 conversation with Bush and dug up the tape, according to an NBC source who told CNN.

Executive producer Rob Silverstein and his producing team had viewed the tape by mid-week.

A different NBC source told CNN that Access had the story and that NBC News was aware of it, but that by Friday morning the story was not finalized.

It was around that time that Silverstein was notified that a Washington Post reporter, David Fahrenthold, had a copy of the tape.

Not everyone believes that story is the full story.

A few days ago, Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University told Neil Cavuto that he thinks the GOP elite had something to do with it.

The Los Angeles Times reported within hours of news of the tape that House Speaker Paul D. Ryan denounced Trump and said he would no longer attend their scheduled event for the next day – Saturday. If you remember, Ryan said he was “sickened” by what he heard.

Really? Sickened? A bit sanctimonious given modern society and what comes out of Hollywood and the music industry.

Ryan also said on Monday, the day after Trump’s outstanding debate performance, that he would no longer campaign with Donald Trump. He told House members to think of themselves.

Paul Ryan has been a constant critic of Donald Trump’s. Every chance he gets, he joins with the Democrats in demeaning him. Ryan is a friend and former running mate of Mitt Romney’s who is dedicated to Trump losing this race.

There are reports that an associate of Paul Ryan’s was behind the leak. Paul Ryan’s and Mitt Romney’s former advisor, Dan Señor, who still remains a close associate, might have leaked the story and there is confirmation.

Mike Cernovich, author of Gorilla Mindset, has evidence that Dan Senor’s wife, who worked for NBC, is behind the leaked tapes. Dan Senor’s wife is Campbell Brown, a former NBC anchor. [Independent Sentinel]

Backstabber: Report: Romney Calling GOP Donors Asking About Possible 2020 Primary Run Against Trump

Paul Ryan was one of the staunchest critics of Trump right after the tape dropped, going so far as to tell Trump he was no longer “welcome” in Wisconsin.


Romney was also among the first to attack Trump, saying that Trump’s Access Hollywood words were “vile degradations” that “demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.” He went on to say, “Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.”

Mitt is such a turd.

Most people agree that the “Access Hollywood” tape was a #NeverTrump hit against Trump, designed to take him out.

Esquire reported that during a private meeting called by Trump after the tape dropped, he asked his group of “loyalists” what they were hearing. Pay attention to what Reince Priebus (Paul Ryan and Mitt Romeny’s BFF) says to Trump during the talk. I placed his comments in bold below.

Shortly before 11:00 a.m. Saturday, the Republican nominee convened the campaign’s high command in his residence on the 64th floor of Trump Tower. Everyone looked withered. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor and one of Trump’s staunchest campaign loyalists, wore a Yankees cap low over his eyes. Priebus hadn’t shaved. Christie dressed in jeans and a Mets jacket, had already informed the group that he needed the rest of the weekend off and would not fly to Sunday’s debate with Trump as planned.

“So,” Trump began, looking to Priebus. “What are you hearing?” The RNC chairman had spent the past day defending Trump’s rightful claim to the party’s nomination, dismissing calls to expel him and urging calm amid the commotion. But Priebus was not going to sugarcoat the situation. He had long been nauseated at watching all the nominee’s sycophants telling him whatever would keep him happy and upbeat. Trump needed to hear the truth for a change.

“I’ll tell you what I’m hearing,” Priebus said. “Either you’ll lose in the biggest landslide in history, or you can get out of the race and let somebody else run who can win.” [Esquire]

Romeny was the poster boy in 2016 for the “GOP establishment war” against Trump.  He even delivered an entire speech condemning Trump and outlining the reasons why America should reject him.

Mitt’s Connection: After Condemning Trump’s Ukraine Call, New Report Exposes Mitt’s Ties to Hunter’s Company

Romney’s resistance was unreal. It was passionate. It was nonstop.

Then suddenly, all of that hate, anger, and resistance magically disappeared when Trump won.

Romney’s angst just melted away, and he was congratulating Trump on his win, and acting as if all the nasty, wretched stuff he had said just months before was nothing more than “politics.”

Water under the bridge.

People didn’t know what to make of the sudden change – Mitt just looked like another greedy, self-serving politician who was scrambling to pick up crumbs from the winner.

But was it more sinister than that?

I say yes, it was…Stick with me…

After the win and out of nowhere, rumors started flying that Trump was seriously considering Romney for the secretary of state position. Here is Trump pictured with Romeny, and (BFF) Priebus at a dinner to discuss the position.

And how can we forget the formal meeting Trump had with Romney, and that classic photo of Mitt walking away while Trump yelled something at him?

Trump supporters nearly lost their minds at the idea of Mitt, of all people, joining the Trump administration, and revolted with tremendous fervor (I was one of those people).

At the time it was so curious to me why Romeny dropped all his impassioned anger so quickly. Even for a shoddy, phony politician it seemed odd and out of place. It was a puzzle piece that just didn’t fit.

And then yesterday I saw this….

Remember that little blurb in Time Magazine I told you about? That tiny 4-sentence “article” that most people probably glossed right over?

It holds more weight than we realize. In that short 4-sentence blip, Mitt Romeny admits that he spoke to Hillary Clinton about the possible position within the Trump administration.

Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential nominee who was under consideration for Secretary of State under President Trump, said on Friday that Hillary Clinton encouraged him to take the position.

Romney revealed during his annual political summit in Park City, Utah that he’d spoken to Clinton about taking on the role. The former Democratic presidential nominee was Secretary of State during President Barack Obama’s first term in office.

“I would’ve accepted the job,” the former Massachusetts governor said. [Time Magazine]

Romney Monster: Report: Romney Profited From Chinese Company That Surveilled Chinese Citizens Seeking ‘Religious and Political’ Freedom

Now, why on earth would Romeny speak to Hillary Clinton, of all people, about a position within the Trump administration?

GOP establishment will say, “oh it’s because she was once a secretary of state, so it’s logical that he’d go to her.”

NO. No, it’s not.

If Romney, a career politician, really needed to talk to someone who was a “secretary of state,” he could have gone to Colin Powell or James Baker.

Why did he go to Hillary?

Especially after such a heated, and contentious campaign. A bloodbath, if you will.

I’ll tell you what I think…Romney’s sudden change of heart was not some “water under the political bridge” garbage. It was a part of a bigger, coordinated effort to infiltrate Trump’s administration by the globalists enemy (led by Hillary). If they could get a mole into the administration as the second most important and influential position, they could not only pull strings, but they could easily take Trump down from the inside.

I believe that’s why Mitt Romeny was speaking with Hillary about the position. I believe that’s why his “anger” suddenly melted away. I believe it was a plot.

Because let’s face it, since being turned down for that position (thank God), Romeny has reverted back to his unhinged anti-Trump ways – so we know for a fact, that his “water under the bridge” was all an act.

Bottom line, Mitt Romeny needs to be rebuked and exorcized from the Republican Party. This traitor is not only “John McCain Jr.,” he might actually be worse.

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