This was hard for me to watch. It hurt my heart to see this kind man treated so disrespectfully, however, it is a perfect example of how stoic and strong our conservative men truly are.

A Trump supporter waring his MAGA hat was in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday, and he was being interviewed by liberal outlet ‘Vice” about his support for President Trump.

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During the interview, a liberal protester spit in the man’s face and ran away, shocking the reporter, who was speechless, as the man calmly wiped his face.

As the man cleaned himself off, another protester approached him and shamed him for wearing a MAGA hat, and the Trump supporter said he “respected is opinion” and then carried on with the interview.

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This is yet another example of the intolerant left, who abuse, attack, and spit on anyone and everyone they disagree with. This man, who is one of the classiest people I’ve ever seen, is called “Nazi” and “racist” by an unhinged mob of angry communists who don’t know him from “Adam,” simply because he supports Trump – when in actuality, this man is more of  a  kind, tolerant person than any of those mentally ill protesters could ever wish to be.

As evil and vile as the left can be, I want everyone to remember, we’re not the “victims.” If anything, we’re the happy warriors, who just can’t stop winning.

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At this point, none of this is about “hating Trump” anymore. This is just angry, miserable people using politics as an excuse to lash out and hurt others because they’re unhappy with their crappy lives.

This is the level of chaos and hate we’re at in this country, and it’s not because of Trump or conservatives, it’s because of the radical unhappy left.

We’re the joyful winners. They’re the miserable losers.

You can watch the video below:

His reaction after being spit on was so amazing that liberals who dislike Trump, were actually moved.

Here are some of the reactions from the Youtube comments:

  • “Don’t really like trump but the old man here earned my respect for keeping his cool”
  • “I’m not a trump fan. But that was wrong!!!?☹️ Kudos for the graceful and dignified way you handle that situation sir”
  • “Disgusting, classless and makes things more divided. And this is coming from somebody who doesn’t support Trump. That guy handled it like pro.”
  • “Hate trump, but that right there?………..low and disrespectful”
  • “I’m not a trump supporter but spitting on someone who is it’s just wrong and ignorant.”
  • “wow,,,i just became a trump supporter….wow  wat a low life spit on ur elders”
  • “This is why I’m no longer a democrat. I believe in freedom of expression. I think people who don’t should call themselves democrats or Americans for that matter. this is shameful.”
  • “Hey dummies. Let’s not commit assault while we’re protesting. It’s disrespectful and doesn’t make your cause look good. I utterly disagree with this guy’s opinion but he didn’t deserve to be spit on and he handled this like a gentleman.”

When liberals stop acting like barnyard animals and behave like decent human beings, this country will start to heal. Until then, we’ll remain divided. Let us know what you thought about this video in the comments below.


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