Despite liberal mayor Jacob Frey’s efforts to block tonight’s rally, the good people of Minneapolis began lining up for Trump’s rally in Ilhan Omar’s district a whopping 48 hours ago.

President Trump narrowly missed winning Minnesota in 2016, and he’s vowed to turn the blue state red in 2020.

If Trump manages to do that, the Democrats will be done before they even get started in 2020, and that might be why Trump’s rally was met with such hateful rebuke from Minneapolis city officials.

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The moment Trump announced the rally, progressive Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted out an unhinged rebuttal.

A few days ago Frey even attempted to block the rally, by imposing $500k fee on Trump.

It’s fair to note, when Obama was in Minneapolis at the same venue, he was only charged $20k in fees.

No “bias” there, right?

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The chief of police also did a quick policy change before the rally to make sure uniformed police officers wouldn’t be allowed to attend the rally. So, instead of wearing uniforms, the cops will wear custom t-shirts that show their support for Trump.

You can watch a video on that dustup here:

In the end, Trump and the people of Minnesota won the battle, and the rally show will go on tonight, and will no doubt be a barnburner.

The people standing in line can’t wait to see our America First President in person, and are there to support him through the impeachment circus.

Impeachment was certainly on the minds of the crowd north of Minneapolis who packed the Blaine City Council chambers Tuesday night, where Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer held another one of his regular town hall forums.

Jim Hunter of Ham Lake asked Emmer if it was OK for Trump to ask Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Our president is still responsible to follow the Constitution and the laws. And if he doesn’t, after that point, it’s your responsibility to hold him to it,” Hunter said.

Emmer — who leads the effort to elect more Republicans to Congress — answered as many who defend Trump do. It wasn’t what many in the room wanted to hear.

“Ever since this administration took office, there has been an attempt to undo the 2016 election,” Emmer said as many tried to interrupt him. “We were told the same thing about the Mueller report.” [MPR News]

UPDATE: President Trump just tweeted out this video of the crowd:

You can watch a sped-up video of the tremendously long lines below:


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