Thank you, Mexico. And thank you, Pres. Trump for making it happen. Why everyone thinks America is a paradise, a dreamland, actually we have our struggles, lots of homeless, and debts.

More than 300 Indian nationals who paid tens of thousands of dollars each trying to get into the United States arrived in New Delhi Friday after “unprecedented” mass deportation by Mexico.

So where did these people get “tens of thousands of dollars”? They are not “desperately poor.” How many Americans could raise “tens of thousands of dollars” for anything? Most don’t even have an emergency fund with $500 in it.

This is what happens when having an entire political party is telling the world they are doing everything possible to keep our southern border from being secured and decriminalize illegal entry. Mexico has long been a staging ground for illegal entry, and this unprecedented deportation is proof that foreign nationals usually get a bus ticket to the border.

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Mexican immigration authorities say they have deported 311 Indian citizens in an unprecedented repatriation to that South Asian nation.

The National Immigration Institute said in a statement late Wednesday that it had flown the 310 men and one woman to New Dehli from Toluca.

The migrants had been detained by immigration officials in various Mexican states before being concentrated at a detention center in the Gulf state of Veracruz in preparation for their deportation.

The vast majority of migrants transiting Mexico toward the U.S. border are from Central America, but among the mix are people from all over the world.

Mexico has stepped up its immigration enforcement in recent months under pressure from the United States. The government has deployed thousands of National Guard agents along the major migration routes. [ABC News]

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This shows an excellent example of how Trump’s policies are working. We have a long way to go – but it is a start, and if this happens more often, people will stop paying for this type of illegal activity.

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They are doing this because it worked great under Obama, and I am sure other Presidents as well. We can never have another Democrat President again if we do – 10’s of millions will flood in.

This shows you that the word is out- they all think the U.S. via Mexico is a way in. Very scary when you have people coming from other continents. Mexico hasn’t much choice, and I think we need to exercise swift action in returning people to their native land when they enter.

We have to hold the countries we do business with to higher standards.



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