Tulsi Gabbard, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, is receiving the same smear tactic given to then-GOP candidate Donald Trump by the media to thwart her campaign run.

Former Democrat and presidential candidate David Duke responded to the viral headlines that he endorsed Gabbard via a tweet, but he has stated that it was not an endorsement. He claimed he reproduced graphics to ask a question of the candidate.

Factions of the KKK supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the media didn’t cover that. As a matter of fact, not only did they endorse Hillary, they donated to her campaign, and that information never made the light of day on national news networks. Don’t you find it funny how after Hillary goes after Tulsi on Friday, that the media not only focuses on David Duke’s response to the candidate hours after, but they have promoted the “kiss of death” endorsement?

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This is called “assassinating one’s character,” which is what the Dems are used to doing with expertise. They tried to do the same to then-candidate Donald Trump, and they have carried that over into his presidency.

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Duke is like stock photography for the press when they need a white supremacist for a story that they can put a name to. I am willing to bet almost no one can name another legit white supremacist, former or current, except the late Sen. Byrd, without looking it up.

I must make it clear that I did not endorse Tulsi Gabbard for President yesterday, but I do endorse her efforts to stop these insane Neocon Zionist wars for Israel in the Mideast and that even threatens us with a catastrophic war with Russia, a nation which has simply dared to oppose Israel and Zionist objectives in the Mideast and globally.

I did reproduce some Tulsi Gabbard campaign graphics and I asked the question yesterday,  “Tulsi Gabbard in 2020. Finally a candidate for President who will really put America First?”

Hopefully Gabbard will be the first candidate who really does put America, rather than Israel. First.

By opposing the Zionist Globalist agenda casting us in insanely dangerous war scenarios in the Mideast and even against Russia, Gabbard has put herself in the crosshairs of the real rulers of the Democrat and Republican Party as well as the warmongering Global media and Zionist financial elite who want endless war.

For that she must be commended.

Her candidacy is one more opportunity for us to expose the Zionist elite who has ungodly financial power such as the biggest corporate political contributor, Goldman Sachs, to the huge ZioMedia Global corporations, to the mega-billionaires who can buy elections. as well as control the largest social media internet corporations.

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Because of the unbridled  power of this elite Zionist oligarchy, anyone who exposes this extremist power will be attacked and pilloried. Tulsi is now enduring their hatred and lies.

For that I praise Tulsi Gabbard, but I have not and am not at this time endorsing her. [DavidDuke.com]

There is no doubt, this stigma will attach itself to Gabbard, and she will lose donors and be forced from the race. She needs to leave the Democratic Party because they don’t want her. Her ideas are too conservative for their agenda, and she doesn’t fit in.


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