On Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on Fox Business with host Lou Dobbs to discuss the news that Democrats will vote on a resolution to keep their goofy not-really-impeachment “inquiry” going.  They’re claiming this will allow more “transparency.”

Because as it stands now, Democrats are holding “Soviet=style” closed-door meetings in the cellar.

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Gaetz told Lou Dobbs that Republicans will flip the script on Shifty Schiff by calling him to testify before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss his role in impeachment carnival.

Beautiful, we love it!

It has already been widely reported that Adam Schiff was meeting with the so-called anti-Trump whistleblower for days before he filed his complaint againt President Trump based on hearsay and rumors.

** The “whistleblower” coordinated and took guidance from Adam Schiff’s staff and Schiff lied about it.

** The so-called “whistleblower” is a Democrat who had a “professional” tie to a 2020 Democrat.

** Schiff’s staff recommended attorneys for the so called “whistleblower.”

** The “whistleblower’s” attorneys worked for James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and donated to Joe Biden.

** It was reported this week that one of the attorneys for the “whistleblower’s” is a member of the #Resistance.

** The ‘whistleblower’ worked with Joe Biden in the executive branch when he was Vice President.

** The CIA whistleblower likely accompanied Joe Biden on one or more of his trips to Ukraine while Vice President.

** And the CIA “whistleblower” admitted that he has an extensive history of far left political bias. [Gateway Pundit]

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