Lindsey Graham is supposedly a new convert to the MAGA movement.

Almost immediately after traitor John McCain died, Lindsey Graham appeared to have a change of heart.

He began backing Trump on policy matters, and when Justice Kavanaugh was under attack, Lindsey was the point-man for his defense; delivering one of the most impassioned political speeches ever.

Lindsey’s speech last year was a “game-changer” and MAGA rallied around the South Carolina senator and embraced him as a new and important figurehead in the movement.

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Graham even took over Chuck Grassley’s place as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee – a very powerful position for a Trump ally. Now Graham can make things happen, issue subpoenas, investigate the bad guys…

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So why isn’t he?

Graham is all talk and no action.

When I say he’s been “useless” in this fight against the coup, I am being kind. Useless is too “busy” of a word to attach to do-nothing Graham — that’s how ineffective this supposed powerful “justice-seeking” Trump “ally” has been.

Sure, he talks a good game. You can find Lindsey on a whole host of Sunday talk shows and some evening ones too. He’ll even pop up on Fox News in the morning, screeching about fairness and telling everyone what an injustice this impeachment hoax is.

A new theory has emerged as to why Lindsey Graham refuses to help Trump by dragging witnesses begore the Senate and placing these liars, like Hunter Biden, under oath.

Independent journalist Paul Sperry believes that the reason Lindsey refuses to hold hearings is that we might learn that he was working with traitor McCain to push the dossier to smear Trump.

What do you think about this theory? Could Lindsey be covering for himself?

Tucker also has concerns.

He railed against Lindsey for not using his power as chairman.

You can watch the video below

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Top Republicans in Washington, D.C., and right-wing media personalities have started to sour on Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for not using his power as chairman to call for public hearings to get to the bottom of how the Russia investigation started and for not calling on Kurt Volker, former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, to testify in front of the committee while Democrats in the House push for impeachment.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called out Graham during an interview Monday evening on Fox News over Graham’s inaction.

“Senator Graham has the power, he’s the chairman of a powerful committee, the Judiciary Committee, and yes, I’ve encouraged him publicly and privately to do this,” Paul said. “He needs to go ahead and exercise his power, we’ve been waiting a long time on this.”

“A lot of us want to see it get started, we want to see subpoenas, and we don’t want to see everything done in secret on the House side and then they parse out what they want to parse out,” Paul added. “Most of those people that are testifying over there could easily be asked to testify over here.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson also highlighted multiple promises that Graham has made on cable news but has not followed through on.

“I’m deeply disappointed in Lindsey,” a former senior White House official told The Daily Wire. “I always thought he was someone you could count on, he sure proved me wrong.”

“I never knew him to be the type to make empty promises, especially when the stakes are so high,” a source close to Graham told The Daily Wire. “I am sick of walking around town making excuses for him.”

Trump called out Republicans on Monday while speaking to reporters, saying: “Republicans have to get tougher and fight.” [Daily Wire]

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